This is how we managed to stay in the internet marketing business for 10 years now

Internet Marketing

Devenia Ltd. is a British company assisting and advising small and large businesses, politicians and governments around the globe regarding marketing and internet positioning with the use of the tools at our disposal developed in-house and from other companies. Our registered office is in London, but we run the company without any physical offices. We all …

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How to avoid the not secure warning after switching from http to https?

how to avoid the not secure warning after switching from http to https

Google forced all http websites to switch to https in order to secure sites and users. But what is  https? https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data between the user’s computer and the site. Users expect a secure and private online experience when using a …

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Things you need to consider before starting an online reputation management campaign

how to clean up your reputation

Everybody should Google their names every now and then. You don’t necessarily have to own a business to do so, even if you are just a regular internet user, you really need to Google your name and see what result is going to pop up on the search results. If you think that your own …

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SEO from the stage of ignorance and stupidity to the stage of tests and knowledge


This article is not about claiming that I’m the one and only SEO expert out there and others aren’t. I consider my experience is very moderate in SEO field. This article  was mainly written and published to share with whoever is interested to learn that: First, no one owns the absolute facts about SEO. Second, …

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How reliable are the rank checking tools?

How reliable are the rank checking tools

From my own experience, I can tell you for definite that the one and only tool that really works with accuracy, is the manual checking. Of course, the rank checking tools whether the free or the paid ones are easier and faster to use, but they are not really accurate especially if you’re in charge of …

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Do we submit press releases, social bookmarking or directory submissions?

e83cb50b2cfd003ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6dd1cb1184194f3c3 640 internet marketing

We do not submit press releases. It is a waste of time and resources, and we don’t do social bookmarking or directory submissions, for the same reasons and in addition because it is ineffective, time consuming and not really worth the time or the efforts. The only type of directory that has any point is …

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What is the relation between optimizing your website and enhancing it with your social media activity?

What is the relation between optimizing your website and enhancing it with your social media activity?

Facebook, twitter or any other social media is not a place to build links and it is not a subject of SEO or even to relate it to your website optimization. Simply because it has no effect, because Google has no access to any content that requires that you are logged in to be able …

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on site optimization

ef37b40721f61c3e81584d04ee44408be273ead110b5144396f9 640 seo

We don’t do on site optimization because we believe that our clients will always be better in describing their products and services than we will. What an optimizer does? Does he invent text content or ideas? Certainly not. An optimizer works on optimizing the content or the text you already have and that you have …

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Why Am I Losing to My Competitors in the Keyword Game? Unveiling the Dark Secrets

why am i behind competition for certain keywords or phrases 1

I just found out that sometimes, despite our best efforts, we still find ourselves lagging behind our competitors in the SEO game for certain keywords or phrases. So, why am I behind competition for certain keywords or phrases? Let’s dive into the dark secrets that could be holding you back from outranking your competition. Inexperienced …

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How can we get more business?

businesswoman with tablet pc

When I go through the statistics from Statcounter showing what people has searched for when they came to our sites, I usually notice when there is a broad search term that is at the same time very precise in it’s wording. I just saw one like that today when I noticed a search on Baidu …

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