Why am I behind competition for certain keywords or phrases?

Why am I behind competition for certain keywords or phrases? I’m sure many out there are repeatedly asking this question. why am i behind competition for certain keywords or phrases 1 Why am I behind competition for certain keywords or phrases?

There are many reasons for this and the most important one is that many of you are too lazy or unwilling to get the job done correctly from your side, especially when it comes to text, content optimization, or when you are doing major changes on your websites including technical ones through inexperienced developers.

When you use inexperienced developers to maintain your websites, and unfortunately most of the developers whether they are professional or not don’t really understand how their work can affect SEO companies work if they don’t get back to them first and they cooperate together to get everything right.

For instance: when you are doing major changes on a website and they are done wrongly, it may confuses google’s bots and generally creates a lot of wrongly indexed content and it can get very problematic in terms of the Google Guidelines.

Google’s bots are rather simple, they are not super intelligent. It is exactly as if you are driving and you have two signs on the road, one is saying Berlin is to the left and the other sign is saying Berlin to the right, of course you will get confused…this is what I meant by redirecting actually confuses google’s bots and creates wrong indexing. This is the simplest explanation of what I said.

This is why when you are doing major changes on a website, it is preferable to keep it private and you consult your SEO company first, also preferably to make changes private, till you have everything in order and then you can make it public.

In addition, it can also be problematic in terms of Google guidelines, having two pages on a website that talk about the same subject, having a lot of this kind of similar pages, is enough to confuse google’s bots, and what happened then is that the two pages rank every second time and even the chances of ranking is smaller.

Please also know that if there is any duplicate content on the site, it will create the same similar situation.

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Eman Nabih

Eman Nabih

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