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Head over to headline ideas to get inspired! Our goal when developing this AI-powered website was to help you when you are experiencing writers block. It’s very simple to use. Type in what topic or subject you want ideas about, and it will give you 19 approaches to get started writing your next article. We have made a Norwegian version of it as well. 

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Explore our collection of in-house developed free WordPress plugins designed to help you enhance your website’s functionality and user experience. Our free plugins page offers a range of powerful and easy-to-use tools, crafted by our own team, perfect for creating an impressive website.

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Clickable Featured Image WordPress Plugin

Clickable Featured Image WordPress Plugin

Clickable Featured Image WordPress Plugin Introducing the Clickable Featured Image WordPress Plugin, a simple yet powerful plugin that enhances your website's user experience by making featured images clickable. With this plugin,...
Mailchimp Subscribe Download Popup WordPress Plugin

Mailchimp Subscribe Download Popup WordPress Plugin

The Mailchimp Subscribe Download Popup is a WordPress plugin that enables you to show a popup to your visitors, asking them to subscribe to your Mailchimp list before downloading a file. This is a great way to grow your email list and offer valuable...