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SEOandPPC ConsultingV11 SEO & PPC Consulting ServicesWhat is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

SEM refers to online marketing strategies such as paid ad placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion that persons and companies use to promote their products and services to web surfers.

How does SEM differ from Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO typically refers to only non-paid online marketing strategies, whereas SEM refers to both paid and non-paid online marketing strategies. SEO strategies include keyword research, content creation, search engine algorithm research, back link creation, and HTML coding. SEM strategies include paid ad placement, which is paying to place ads in the most favorable positions, contextual advertising, which scans a website for keywords and displays relevant ads, and paid inclusion, which is paying a search engine for a certain rank.

Why Should I use SEM?

  • SEM typically drives traffic to your site quickly. If you have a major holiday rush on the horizon, SEM can help you capitalize on the opportunity.
  • SEO strategies are much slower – they may take several months before taking full effect.
  • Every other company is engaging in SEM strategies. If you don’t, you’re sure to quickly fall behind the competition!
  • Contextual advertisements display ads based on the text of a website. For businesses this means highly targeted traffic, and as a result, a higher sales conversion ratio.

Why Choose Devenia as your SEM Consultant?

  • SEM, much like SEO, has extremely dynamic rules and practices that change monthly or faster. Monitoring these changes, along with the daily operations of running a business, is impossible for one person to do.
  • Our consultants can integrate search engine marketing into a larger Internet marketing plan.
  • An evaluation from one of our SEM Consultants can expose strengths and opportunities for improvement of which business owners may not currently be aware.
  • Our consultants tightly monitor search engine algorithms, nuances of online advertising models, and other industry trends so you don’t have to.

With the world of SEM and PPC advertising changing so quickly, you need the help of Devenia’s SEM professionals to stay ahead of the competition!