Social Media Marketing


Is Social Media Marketing right for your Business? To succeed with Social marketing you have to take a very different approach than how you deal with your website.

To become an effective channel, you have to think in a very different way compared to the traditional way of thinking about marketing.

Think about Social Media Marketing this way

A website is a way to showcase  your products and services to potential clients. Social marketing is not for this purpose.

Social Media Marketing has a very different goal

To gain direct trust by engaging with your audience in direct dialogue and communication. You can think about it as keeping in touch with your peers so they don’t forget you. If you do this right, you can build customer loyalty almost as if you are sitting in the same room as your clients – without physically being present.

What is important to understand about social marketing, is that this is a direct way to engage with your prospects if you do it right. Talk with them, not to them. Listen to their opinions. Get direct feedback, and gain their trust. This way of marketing is the most cost effective way you can show the strengths of your brand, and the fastest way you can learn about your weaknesses.

If you are going to engage directly with potential consumers, you can’t be afraid of what they have to say.

Use social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others to gain more satisfied customers and spread the word. We can help you to understand social media, and what strategy will benefit you most.

Social Media now and in the future

after googling myself i feel happy again

In the last few years we have seen that Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook has had a strong growth, and also WordPress has been more accepted as a social media platform. LinkedIN is becoming a major player as well. A new trend that has had a strong growth is TikTok video sharing  as well as Instagram and Facebook stories. For the first time people engage in sharing video to their peers, and some brands have had a strong growth in this field.

Video sharing of 15 to 60 seconds videos is not for everyone, but done right, it can go viral fast and hard.

Is this right for you?

The question remains: Should you engage in social media activities? Should you invest time and efforts into all of this?

There is no simple answer to this question. It all depends on your goals and what kind of business you are running. For some companies we have seen a fantastic success, but for others it has just ended up being a major source of irritation.

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