This is how we managed to stay in the internet marketing business for 10 years now

Devenia Ltd. is a British company assisting and advising small and large businesses, politicians and governments around the globe regarding marketing and internet positioning with the use of the tools at our disposal developed in-house and from other companies. Our registered office is in London, but we run the company without any physical offices. We all work from home, and our workplaces spans two continents (so far).

We provide internet marketing services just like many companies in the field out there, but the difference between us and our competitors, is that we do not charge/invoiced our clients if they rank on the 2nd page or later. So, our clients only pay us for actual results driving traffic to their sites. In other words, we don’t sell fish in the water. We don’t take any money in advance, and we charge our clients monthly per placements on the 1st page only.

We don’t charge our clients for any work that leads to results. In order to keep the business and the services running, we pay high monthly expenses and fees and the client is not charged for any of these expenses.

Are we taking any risk here? Yes we do. Many times with different projects and  campaigns, we did the work and financed it, and when we delivered results, the client ignored or refused to pay. But this is not a big risk, since most of our clients are from Norway, and there is a legal way there to get our money back, despite that it takes time and money, but it works.

We have never taken revenge from the clients who ignored or refused to pay us after we delivered results. Not because we were not able to, but because it is a matter of principle for us and we do follow the legal procedures in this regard.

Our prices are very competitive and reasonable, especially that we didn’t raise our prices since almost 5 years now.

We have never gambled with our clients business, and this is the main reason why we are still in the business for 10 years now. We have never received any penalty from Google. We do work according to Google’s rules but with our own tactics and techniques.

I always like to call a spade a spade. Meaning call things by their proper name. What does our company and other companies are doing in this marketing field? What we mainly do is helping clients to reach top results on Google or on any other search engine. What does this mean? It means that we are competing with Google on its own search engine, aren’t we? This is actually what I found very exciting and challenging about this job. We are competing with a big shark out there, and staying in the business for 10 years now means that we do our work based on the quality and not the quantity. It also means that we are able and capable of competing with the big shark despite that we are just a small fish in the big ocean.

We have never lied to our clients or claimed that we have a magic stick to outrank their competitors. In many cases, it took us more than one year to deliver results to some of our clients. But this more than one year results was not only up to us, but it was mainly because our clients were lazy in doing their very important part, so we can build on it and do our work and deliver the fruitful results they were expecting from us.

It is very frustrating when you as a marketing specialist knows what is the exact problem of a website in competing for certain keywords, and you tell the client over and over please do your homework and fix it, so I can be able to do my job…and it is exactly like hitting your head against the wall, and of course, the client always forgets that it was mainly his fault and he finds it much easier to put the blame on you.

We have lost many new promising clients, mainly because we refused to reveal our success stories or our current or previous clients records. We refused to reveal this piece of information based on our clients requests, and this we cannot afford to lose whether our previous or current clients loss of confidence or respect. Business comes and goes, but if confidence and respect goes, you can’t get it back. It’s essentially a matter of principle that people undervalue nowadays.

We managed to build a good reputation in this field, because what our clients see is what they get, no hidden agenda. In addition it is our previous and current clients who got us new businesses and they are the ones who always recommend us when someone asks them for hiring a marketing company.

Many clients in the marketing field know just one thing, that they need to hire an Agency like ours to grow their business, but they really can’t figure out what they really need from a marketing agency or SEO company. We had the chance to get in contact with clients like these ones. We have never taken the opportunity of the client insufficient information  about marketing, or took advantage of the lack of his information to just milk money from the client like many of our competitors do.

In general, the first thing we do when we get new requests, we study and analyse the website carefully, we report to the client about all positive and negative issues on his site and we advise him of what he exactly needs to grow his online business. It is up to the client to make his decision based on what we reported to him, but we never force our opinion on the client.

During these 10 years age of our Devenia Limited company, we have learned and realized that building a good reputation and respect in this field and among clients, is much more difficult than building a business. You have no business if you don’t have a good reputation built over time.

We have also learned that when we get a new project, we don’t search for the other competitor’s mistakes and point it out to the client to show him that he did a great job by firing his previous marketing agency and hired us instead. This is exactly what many of the “BIG” companies in our fleld firstly do. They don’t study or search for what is needed to help grow the online business of the client, but they do search first for what the other marketing company did, so they can show the client that the job necessitate a big chunk of money, incredible efforts and time!

The internet marketing field is not an easy one. It is hard to compete and to stay in this business and to stand strong and patient enough in front of Google’s flipping over to right, to left and upside down. But over these 10 years and so far, we managed and we succeeded to survive all Google’s high waves, because when you know how to swim, even the high waves can’t scare you or stop you from reaching the shore.

Last Updated on May 21, 2022 by Bjorn Solstad

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