Reputation Management. Have you googled yourself lately?

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Have you googled yourself lately?

What did you find? We will show you how to clean up bad reputation online so possible clients , investors, employers or your future father in law look at you in a positive light.

With about 91% of all search engine traffic under its control, Google is the key source for getting information on the Internet. As a result, it is paramount that you keep your reputation on Google clean.

We are googling each other all the time, and especially when we are looking for a new business partner, or other relationships. What do you find when googling yourself?

What is online Reputation Management?

Many small business owners may not be aware how managing their online reputation can affect their real-world business.

Reputation Management includes any content on the ‘net that mentions anything about your person or company – both good and bad.

Examples of content where you can be negatively affected include negative Facebook comments, critical Tweets, insulting Google reviews, or harshly worded blog posts – the list can continue on forever.

A negative comment at any one of these sources can have a snowball effect and can cost your business thousands in a span of just weeks!

We can help you:

after googling myself i feel happy again 199x300 Reputation Management. Have you googled yourself lately?
After googling myself, I feel happy again thanks to Devenia’s efforts. Have you googled yourself lately? What did you find?
  • We are here to help you make and maintain a good impression on potential customers.
  • Establish a good reputation.
  • Get your reputation on the search engines restored by our Reputation Management Team.
  • Engage in strategies for preventing reputation loss.
  • For an opportunistic few, ruining others’ reputations has become a business! Devenia will help make sure you don’t get burned!
  • The ‘net remains the most powerful media source – and it has a global reach.
  • Anyone can say whatever they want on the ‘net.
  • Not only can bad news hurt you, but it can harm your family and friends also.
  • People are more likely to express negative feelings on the ‘net.
  • Bad publicity can have a devastating and lasting emotional impact.
  • Bad publicity travels fast – especially if you are a noted person or business.
  • Once negative news reaches the search engines, its reach increases exponentially.

What can be done to Restore your Reputation?

Is the bad publicity based on truth? If not, it may be considered “libel,” and the owner of the content can be forced to remove the content.

Devenia also protects and restores the reputation of its clients by burying bad publicity.

“Burying” is when the professionals at Devenia publish as many pages regarding the positives of your business as is possible, thereby “burying” the negative publicity.

Devenia may interview you, and then push that interview to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Devenia thoroughly monitors its results, and is constantly engaging in strategies to improve your reputation.

Is your online reputation suffering? Do you know what your reputation is? Contact Devenia today for more information!