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Feel free to visit our sites. Each site specializes in subjects specific to each market and language.

UK – United Kingdom

Our United Kingdom website focuses on SEO in the different markets in Great Britain including SEO in Northern Ireland, SEO in England, SEO in Scotland and SEO in Wales.

Visit our UK website here: SEO UK to learn more about ranking well for your website targeting the British market.


Our European website focuses on the different markets in Europe, and gives tips and advice how to make high rankings in the different European markets.

Visit the site here: Devenia Internet Marketing Europe to learn more about how to target the different countries in continental Europe.

Norge (Norway)

Our CEO Bjørn Are Solstad (he uses Bjorn Solstad in English to avoid language confusion) is a native Norwegian. He is the one handling our clients from Norway. He is also blogging in Norwegian on the site, giving tips and sharing knowledge about search engine optimization in Norway and for Norwegian companies expanding internationally. With years of experience in the SEO-field, he knows the ins and outs of SEO and marketing that works in Scandinavia.

You can visit the site here: Internettmarkedsføring og Søkemotoroptimalisering. The site is entirely written in Norwegian.


Our COO Eman Nabih is the one handling our Middle-Eastern website dedicated to everything about internet marketing and search engine optimization towards the Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle-East. Being Egyptian, means she is very capable of understanding what is needed to rank well in the Arabic search engines, and how to write in an engaging way that makes sense to the Arabs.

Visit our Arabic website here: Devenia Middle East SEO. The site is entirely written in Arabic.