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We don’t do on site optimization because we believe that our clients will always be better in describing their products and services than we will.on site optimization

What an optimizer does? Does he invent text content or ideas? Certainly not. An optimizer works on optimizing the content or the text you already have and that you have written because you are the only one who is expert in describing your own services and products. This we have learned through previous experiences from working in Advertising.

This means that you need a text writer who has passion for your specific products and company and really understands your business, so the texts and pictures being used really stand out. An external remote person with no specific knowledge in your field will never get it right.

It will always be somehow generic what this person will produce whether he will re-write or create new text content. So you need a person who has a burning desire to see your business succeeding. So that person preferably needs to be in-house.

This in-house text writer in addition to the in-house developer and the SEO company are the 3 angles of the triangle, they all cooperate together in order to achieve the results you are seeking. They cannot work separately because each party’s work is related to the others.

Last Updated on January 20, 2017 by Eman Nabih

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