recommended RecommendedOur recommended list consists of companies and individuals we have enough experience with to be able to know they are both professional and thorough in their approach to their specific fields.

Like any other company, we have had to make tough decisions about what our core business is, so we do not pretend to be a one-stop-shop being half-good at a lot of fields. Instead we consentrate on what we are really good at, and leave the rest to those that are better than us.

Web & Corporate Design

Our good friend Joao of JaszDesigns in Portugal provide professional website design services for companies, businesses and individuals. He is extremely talented and works fast and efficient. He is experienced in building customized templates for all the major content management systems. With Joao’s experience in graphic design of websites and web shops, you can be confident to get the design you were looking for and dreaming of. Joao is also an extremely talented at logo/corporate design. He is the one that has designed our beautiful and ultracool logo that you see on our site.

Highly recommended for your design needs!

Find a freelancer to help you out

A good place to find a freelancer is and

We have used both services on many occasions.