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Link building services

You are not charged/invoiced if you rank on the 2nd page or later. 95-98% of all traffic comes from the first page. Therefore, we consider ranking on page 2 no different than ranking on the last page. So, you only pay us for actual results driving traffic to your site.

We never force anything on our clients, even if we think otherwise. NEVER.

Our clients find out whether some of the keywords they are going to choose are profitable or not, during our marketing process, because they get this information through our monthly report.

This means that you can at any given time, remove or add keywords or phrases. We will never question your choices, we will never try to convince you not to remove something, we will simply do as you instruct. This also means that you need to have thought through a keyword before you remove it, because if you decide for instance to remove a certain keyword that was ranking, and then you decide the next month to add it again, It will then take time to get it up again.

We understand that you are skeptical as you should be, because we are operating within a business area that is full of cowboys, scammers, and wannabees. We are not one of them, you find us in the skeptical corner just as you are.

But remember also that if we start the marketing process and all your keywords are placed below the first 1000 results, you will not be invoiced for those phrases until they reach the first page. If these keywords fall back to the 2nd or 3rd page, we are back to no invoicing, until it’s on the first page again. We only charge for what has value to you.

This way we ensure that there is full transparency between us and no doubts about what will be invoiced. When you receive an invoice with a report, you can dispute it right away, and if it turns out that our counting of placements doesn’t reflect the actual results as you see them, we will remove them from the invoice. This is granted that you check the placements on the Google version located within the country in question and at the same day we invoice you.

There is no room for any key phrases sneaking themselves into the list without your explicitly. This is simply an issue of transparency and ethical business practices.

You are only charged once you rank on the first page. This generally takes 2-6 months depending on a variety of factors, including the competition for your keywords.

You are provided with monthly reporting regarding your ranking data. All monthly reporting is free.

You are not committed to a long-term contract or relationship. You can cancel services at any time and for any reason. If you choose to begin or cancel services, we simply ask you send us an e-mail indicating what you would like to do.

You must pay for the entire month you choose to cancel. (For example, if you cancel on the 15th of the month, you still pay us the entire monthly fee due. After that, you are no longer charged any fees).

In order to avoid paying an entire month that you intend to cancel the service, you inform us of the cancellation, before the start of the new month you choose to cancel.

You are invoiced the first week of the month and payment is due the 15th of the month.