Operating within a business area full of Cowboys, scammers and wannabees

f5865812b190032e_640_crookThe clients have all the right to be skeptical about Internet marketing and SEO’s companies, because we are operating within a business area that is full of Cowboys, scammers, and wannabees.

I always ask my self what differs our company from our competitors? It’s not our billing prices, or services or even our experiences in the internet marketing field. It is actually the transparency, the ethical business practices and we don’t pretend that we know everything, all this lead to the trust that builds over time and it is surely a two way road.

I can tell you many things and name you tricks, techniques, tactics and strategies about the Internet Marketing and you are really going to be impressed from what kind of knowledge I have in this field. But does this makes me a “SEO Expert” and makes others in the field “donkeys”!? Does it really mean that I’m SEO expert just because I said so, or I have the knowledge of some terms in the field, that I heard and read from here and there? Does it make me an expert just to provide SEO theories, that impresses those who don’t have the knowledge, and people just shake their heads like stupid and not dare asking me to prove it or to give a realistic example!

Almost everything of what you read about SEO and SEO techniques are not based on research or reality, but it is based on theories by the so called “experts” that have picked it up from other “experts”. They don’t actually check if their claims are true or not., Why? because they are just spreading theories.

One of the important thing I’ve learned in this business, is to never confirm that something really works in the internet marketing field, unless I tested it first, and check whether it works or not. Then I see whether the result will remain just a theory or it will become realistic and a real example that can match with the reality and not the theories.

The Cowboys, scammers, and wannabees who operate in the SEO business, are no difference than the so called “experts”. In my opinion, all of them are just spreading stupidity and ignorance.They are selling you nothing but fish in the sea water. So, you end up by not being able to decide between hehe or haha, so you just say heha!

If you are skeptical about SEO companies, there are many ways to find out whether what they claim works or not. For instance, pick a website that is no importance to you. Ask them to work on it and prove their claims. If the site goes to hell, then no harm done. If the site goes to heaven, everybody is happy.

Again you have the right to be skeptical, especially towards those Cowboys and wannabees who give you fake references and especially those who get you fast results. Fast results in SEO, means that your site might get banned from the search results. can you afford that?

My advice to you, just to be sure that you will choose the right SEO specialists, ask them to prove whatever they are claiming and there are many ways to do so. Don’t believe whatever comes out from their mouth, unless they come up with a realistic example and not just this “theory” of the so called “experts”.

Last Updated on March 20, 2015 by Eman Nabih

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