What is the relation between optimizing your website and enhancing it with your social media activity?

ee33b80c28f41c3e81584d04ee44408be273ead110b4104893f3 640 social mediaFacebook, twitter or any other social media is not a place to build links and it is not a subject of SEO or even to relate it to your website optimization. Simply because it has no effect, because Google has no access to any content that requires that you are logged in to be able to see.

Google doesn’t use Twitter Or Facebook Social Signals To Rank Pages, Facebook and Twitter signals are not part of the ranking algorithm. Or at least not yet.

Google does not give any special treatment to Facebook or Twitter pages as far as we have seen.

On the other hand, Social media are considered as one of the factors and not all, that can help you to increase traffic to your website and spread the word. But in order to do this you need to be dedicated to your blog or website and also to your social media accounts.

Increasing traffic on your website, necessitate that you first increase your followers on social media. To do this, make sure to concentrate on choosing the right audience instead of focusing on what you want them to like or share on social media.

You won’t get the right audience on social media unless you gain credibility and trust. This can be done by getting engaged with the right social media users.

Don’t put yourself in the place of a seller or think like one to gain audience, but put yourself in the place of the audience and think like them.

People everywhere in this world love to find free information and solutions and answers to many issues they are facing daily. Provide them with interesting information for free and keep the communications between you and them very close and up to date. Get engaged with them for the stuff they are interesting in, so consequently they will be engaged with you for the stuff you are targeting.

Last Updated on January 21, 2017 by Eman Nabih

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