How can we get more business?

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When I go through the statistics from Statcounter showing what people has searched for when they came to our sites, I usually notice when there is a broad search term that is at the same time very precise in it’s wording. I just saw one like that today when I noticed a search on Baidu …

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Selling SEO services by spamming people

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I got another spam mail from a company trying to sell their SEO services by spamming people. I get these pretty frequently. So, I am going to quickly explain to this particular company and everyone like them a simple fact: You company probably suck at SEO if you have to resort to spamming to sell …

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What advice would you give to someone trying to optimise (SEO) an e-commerce website?

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This question came up in one of the Google+ Communities where I am active, so I thought it would be  a good idea to share my advice here on the blog as well. The question was originally asked by Lindshay Hopkins in the SEO+ – Search Engine Optimization / Website Design Community on Google+ From what …

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Penguin 2.0 is out

penguin 2 0 is out 6833

Working on close to 4000 search phrases in a broad array of areas, I obviously get nervous when Google rolls out a new update of it’s search algorithm. This update dubbed Penguin 2.0 is no exception. So far it has not been many days since it became active, but I can already see placements repositioning …

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The Pirate Party of Norway opens post office for The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Party of Norway has established a network node for The Pirate Bay (TPB). This entails that network traffic to TPB from our region of the world will pass through Norway, comparable to an electronic post office. From Norway, trafiic is passed on to TPBs servers throughout the world.  [] This is a symbolic …

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SEO Companies – Why We Help Them Rank

For several years now, we have been helping SEO companies in direct competition with us to rank for the very same phrases we are working on ranking ourselves. I’m talking about phrases like seo company, seo, internet marketing, search engine optimization. I am not gonna mention their names – we never talk about what clients …

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Point View Trading in Bahrain

point view trading in bahrain 3820

Aparently, our phone number in Bahrain used to be held by a company by the name Point View trading in Bahrain. Just to have mentioned it – we are not assosiated in any way with the company called Point View Trading Co. W.L.L. Please make a search on Google for Point View Trading, and you …

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On rationalizing one’s relationships!

on rationalizing ones relationships 3636

“Listen, Larry,” you say, doing your best to coat your singsong with a with a husky phlegm, “it just isn’t going to work out with you and me.” “Work out?” He seems genuinely puzzled. “Yes, you know, isn’t going to lead anywhere.” “Oh, you’d be surprised where it might lead.” “I bet I would. But …

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