Selling SEO services by spamming people

Frustration Thumb DownI got another spam mail from a company trying to sell their SEO services by spamming people. I get these pretty frequently. So, I am going to quickly explain to this particular company and everyone like them a simple fact:

You company probably suck at SEO if you have to resort to spamming to sell your SEO services

If you as a SEO company can’t get clients because of your placements in the major search engines, how are you thinking you can help anyone with the very same thing? Let me explain something to you quickly: We get our clients through the search engines and through referrals from other clients. We never have, and never will resort to spamming or direct sales or any other method than the methods we promote to our clients.

I am totally stunned by how many SEO companies operate.

Here is the mail I got from


Sent from John

Title: SEO Proposal

Dear Sir/Madam,
I hope you are doing well.

I was going through your website, I must say it’s very neatly done and designed however though I see that it’s not ranking well on search engines as it should been for its keywords. I was wondering if you would like that, I mean if you like your keywords to be ranked on the 1st page so you have, Increased Traffic + More Clients + More Sales/Business.

If so, here’s the good news we are a SEO company working on a unique pay for performance model with right practices and as per Google’s guideline. We will promote your website on global platform and get you the desired results and you don’t have to pay us either until you see the results as promised.

Pay for Performance helps you with;
1) No monthly payments due until page 1 rankings are achieved.
2) Only set-up cost to start the project and next payment due on keywords ranking.

This will enable you to;
1) Keep your costs down while the campaign is in its early stages.
2) Drive additional and high value traffic to your site before any payment is due.
3) Ensure longevity for page 1 positions to achieve the best for the site.

You don’t have to worry about Google changing algorithms and rankings going down and you paying endlessly to SEO companies to get them back. If rankings go down for any reason, we will get them back and not charging unnecessarily.

We will charge one time setup fee at the beginning of the campaign. We can assure you results that will not disappoint you.

Please let me know your thoughts and I will share the complete company profile with you along with the SEO analysis report of your website.

Thank you



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John, feel free to comment below.

Last Updated on April 16, 2015 by Bjorn Solstad

1 thought on “Selling SEO services by spamming people”

  1. You’re right Bjørn. SEO people who are using spamming techniques just to get clients use spammy techniques that are often avoided by clients. Google search gives us more than 70% of our site visitors and this is through our marketing efforts.

    Thanks for the share!


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