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For several years now, we have been helping SEO companies in direct competition with us to rank for the very same phrases we are working on ranking ourselves. I’m talking about phrases like seo company, seo, internet marketing, search engine optimization.

I am not gonna mention their names – we never talk about what clients we are working with, but you might find it odd that we are directly helping someone to beat us in the search results. My philosophy has always been that there is enough for everyone in our business. There are room for many more seo companies, and I believe it’s healthy for the seo business with as many competitors as possible. It’s good with freedom of choice for our clients, and especially in a business so full of pretenders as in ours. I also believe it keeps us alert and on the top of things when there is fierce competition.

So, when we were first approached by one of the big boys in the seo business in Europe about helping them build links to their own sites, I of course accepted. . Helping other SEO companies rank for our own terms actually helped us grow our own business in the end. We have learned tremendously much about how the business works, and how the different seo companies are working towards their clients. It has also thought us a great deal about how not to deal with clients.

What is your opinion? Do you help your competition in your field? I’d like to hear some pro’s and con’s. I have never regretted helping out other seo companies, and are gladly do it again when asked. After all – the best seo company wins the top positions. No matter how they do it, or who they have helping them achieve their goals.

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