The painter never has time to paint his own home

When I started working as a 16 years old, my first job was in a Company owned by a friend’s father. It was a painting company doing everything from painting homes to the buildings of local businesses.

After my first working day there, I was invited to have to have dinner with them at their house and I noticed that their own house really needed a few brush-strokes of painting – or actually more like a lot!

I asked my new boss about how it could be that he did not make sure his own home looked presentable!

After all, it made sense to me that if your profession is houses painting, the least you should do is make sure your own home does not look like it has never been painted!

The morale in this story is that when you work with something, you always end up putting clients needs in front of your own. This has also been the case for all of us in Devenia. We have been far to busy working with our clients websites to actually have time to do our own properly.

Not any more though!

Finally we are taking the time to make our own website into something we actually can be proud of. We are currently working on new content that gets published as it becomes polished and finished and we simultaneously translate all parts to six different languages.

We also have finally gotten to the point when we can start publishing some free components and modules for both Joomla! and Concrete 5 that we are pretty darn proud to have made. They will be made available in the coming weeks, so keep coming back here, and don’t forget to bookmark our site for later use!

Do you have the same problem in your company as I described above? Do you have the time to “paint” your own home? or does your business look like the picture?

Last Updated on October 5, 2012 by Bjorn Solstad

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