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If you haven’t heard about it already, search engine optimization is taking the marketing world by storm and will only continue to grow in the future.  Companies in the computer manufacturing industry may be more aware of this than other companies, but it bears worth covering the topic again.

In some cases, company leadership is fully aware of search engine optimization, but for whatever reason, doesn’t quite understand the true value it brings.  Or, perhaps you’ve been burnt by a dishonest manufacturer once in the past.  Either way, the net result is that you are not taking advantage of SEO.

But before your company executives choose to stay stuck in their ways, ask yourself if you have considered approaching the subject in this way:  SEO, internet marketing, or search engine optimization, whatever term you want to use for it, is essential to the future survival of your business.  In fact, if you’re not doing it right now, then you are already losing business to the competition.

Why is SEO Essential to Business Success?  

The simple answer is that everyone is looking online for the business services they need first, before they look anywhere else.  It’s just way the consumer behavior now works.  Television, print, radio, and display advertising are all part of marketing, but the role they play in a marketing strategy is continually diminishing.

Because nearly everyone looks online first, it’s important they are able to find you without much of a problem.  SEO is one aspect of online marketing, and it involves making your site more visible to the search engines.  Think of yourself as helping the search engines understand what your site is about and how highly it should rank for its given search terms.

Once your site is visible, then the traffic starts rolling in.  If you are interested in scaling your business online, you simply add more keywords for which you believe people are searching for your business’s products and services.  If you are a conservative or skeptic, start with a handful of keywords, 10 – 20 or so, and see how your bottom line is impacted.  Once you notice the changes, then you can add more keywords.  Or, you can enjoy the new profits and having your business the size it is.  The choice is yours.

How Else do You Market Your Business Online?

SEO is just one aspect of growing your online business, although it is the foundation.  It’s the foundation because it’s what gets people to your site, and any successful marketing strategy begins with traffic.  Once you have the traffic, however, the challenge becomes increasing your conversion rates.  Other strategies you may choose to employ include on-site optimization, creating an engaging and functional design, blogging, and much, much more.

But, you get the basic point.  The reason to get in on search engine optimization now is that not everyone is doing it yet.  That gives you great leeway to get yourself ranked before everyone else.  Ranking takes time, and you could be several years ahead of your competitors when they just are entering the game.

Last Updated on February 26, 2023 by Dan Stelter

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