September 26, 2012

5 Signs You’re Working with the Wrong SEO Company

In the world of SEO, any company can make any promise they want.  Well, technically it’s illegal to make false promises, but a company in India can represent itself as being in the U.S., get your money, and move on.  Situations like this do happen, but they’re not the rule.  However, you understand the point:

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Taking VirtueMart to the top of Google

What does it take to get top placements in the search engines with a VirtueMart-based website? Below is a step-by-step guide on what to do to improve your rankings. The first thing you need to look at, is the URL’s in the shop. You need to turn on search friendly URL’s in Joomla. Without doing

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The art of hard choices

Running a business is a long chain of choices that if done right will keep the business healthy and thriving, and if done wrong will crush your business in the end. Many of these choises are very difficult to make – simply because they are not very nice and they affect peoples lives in a

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Second site up!

Our second site ( is then moved from Joomla to WordPress. The transition went pretty well and you are now seeing the result. The main point of moving everything from Joomla to WordPress is the fact that Google really loves WordPress for some reason. I have actually not quite figured out why they love WP

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Day: September 26, 2012