Why No Contract SEO Agencies are better?

what is no contract SEO?

No contract SEO simply means getting SEO services without the legal obligations of a long term contract. While contracts have been in the industry for years, sometimes the model for such contract can cause problems between the agency and their clients.

The typical SEO contract is generally set for a period between 6 months to a year, but it must be mentioned that recently the industry shifted to much shorter contracts.

No contract SEO is not that widespread as a practice in the search engine optimization field. The vast majority of the SEO industry still require a long terms contract for customers purchasing SEO services.

Benefits of a no contract SEO model

1- No Contract SEO Builds Trust

It’s known that SEO results are not always guaranteed based on many factors. Therefore forcing customers to pay for something without any assurance in return would definitely damage the trust between the customers and SEO companies.

Having a written SEO services contract does not entirely eliminate the potential for disputes, it is probably less likely that they will occur because expectations and deliverables are defined and agreed to in the contract.

At Devenia we value building trust with our clients as trust is the root of success or failure in business and the strongest foundation of all business relationships. Even though contracts are established to build trust in other different business relationships, such contracts can ruin the trust building process between SEO companies and their clients.

2- Becoming Partner’s In Each Other’s Success

The no contract agreement allows both agencies and customers to work together to become partners in the customer’s success.

Instead of a relationship where neither party is sure of their investment, and being committed to a contract, eliminating the long-term contract creates an environment of collaboration between both parties toward the SEO efforts.

The no contract agreement requires more communication between the agency and their clients because services are performed and evaluated on a monthly basis.

Such communication is much needed to show the progress made, the work being continuously done and the future strategies.

The no contract agreement gives the agency the opportunity to show their value and the freedom to provide recommendations for adjustments that help with the SEO success. And it also gives the client the opportunity to be a participating party in the SEO work and be a collaborative party rather than simply watching the work being done from a distance.

3- Forcing The Agency To Prove Their Value

No contract SEO services requires the agency to prove their value, it also requires complete confidence from the agency in their marketing ability and successful strategies. Instead of having a contract that reassures the fact that the SEO agency gets paid whether there are results or lack of, which could result in the agency procrastinating work on a customer’s site in favor for other urgent projects. Or worse, the agency gets the work done but delivers bad results or uses black hat techniques that would guarantee quick results but it will most certainly harm the client’s website. In the aforementioned cases the agency won’t be concerned because their revenue is guaranteed by contractual obligations on the client. 

After such horrid examples, it’s not a surprise that the main reason why many customers and companies feel frustrated and have deep understandable distrust of SEO agencies. One rotten agency hiding behind a contract can most certainly hurt the reputation of the other agencies and deeply damage the overall SEO industry.

The no contract model sets the burden of proof on the agency for explaining the SEO services and setting expectations for the results and timeline. The agency also has to make consistent efforts on each customer’s account over time to prove their value and keep their clients and build a long lasting business relationship and continuous revenue.  

Important Information You Should Know Before Acquiring SEO Services

SEO in not a passive investment, but an active process where clients should understand what is going on, and agencies should be held accountable for their work and have full liberty to make recommendations.

Contracts are a sales strategy. It’s often true that companies use contracts as revenue tactics. some SEO agencies who aren’t completely devoted to getting results choose to offer contracts because it’s a guarantee that they will have the client’s revenue for at least the time set in the contract.

It should also be mentioned and highly stressed that  you should always ensure your ownership of everything your SEO consultant builds for your company. Unfortunately there are SEO companies out there that hold your content, passwords, and accounts hostage if you want to quit in mid-contract. It’s sad to say that it’s common for agencies in the SEO industry to try to shackle customers into long-term contracts from which they cannot escape.




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