How Do I Get Visitors To My Website?

One of the best ways get more visitors to your website is by using social media channels to promote your content. Another way to increase traffic to your website is to be listed on free online directories and review sites. For instance, if your site supports eCommerce, you could promote sales on social media platforms and bring traffic there. If you want to get only people to come to your site to buy, then pay for ad-targeted traffic on social media or in search.

You will want to use Facebooks targeted ads to bring traffic back from Facebook to your website, so be sure to go after the right (and interested) audiences. These powerful ads can help you bring users back to your website, so you can get the most out of the traffic that you are already getting. By pairing Facebook ads with consistent posts to your Facebook Page, you increase your chances of getting traffic to your site from different areas within Facebook.

get more visitors to your website from Facebook

You can get more visitors to your website from Facebook groups, Facebook ads, Messenger, social media posts, and, of course, from your business Page itself. So, you can convert your social media followers to site visitors, and draw traffic from their networks, as long as you publish content that is highly shareable. Be sure to link to related pages on your website within your social media posts – and to link your social media accounts from within your website, too – so visitors can like and follow you easily from social media, directly from your website.

If you are getting lots of traffic from one social media platform, but it is not translating over to your website, you might consider tightening the link between your site and your social media accounts. Social media engagement is about much more than just sharing a link across Facebook, Twitter, and so on, to your ecommerce store, hoping that will drive more traffic to the site. While we are on the subject of promotions, sharing content within online communities can be an excellent way of driving traffic back to your site, though this is getting harder as more and more people are doing this, and this is not scaleable.

Create a community to get more visitors to your website

Creating helpful content your target audience is interested in can help you engage with and grow your online community. People want to voice their opinions and weigh in on topics that they feel passionate about, so building a community within your website is a great way to spark a conversation and drive more traffic to your website. The best way to boost traffic to your website using Facebook is by starting a Facebook community around your niche, and curating related content from your blog.

You can build a Facebook group, Twitter chat, LinkedIn Group, or Quora Space just for your followers and others in your industry, where you provide value, as well as linking back to your site. For ecommerce shop owners, you can promote products on Facebook Buy and Sell groups, which will help you get traffic back to your site from people who are interested in buying your products. When you publish a new blog or content offering, you can promote this to your followers/subscribers to get some immediate traffic.

These services can get your press releases and brands in front of new audiences, which in turn, will bring more visitors to your website. With email marketing, you can continue to get more visitors to your shop while keeping your customers signed up. Sending regular newsletters and offering deals via email is a great way to keep in touch with your customers, as well as helping to get more visitors to your website.

With an email referral program, you can harness your audiences collective advertising power to boost newsletter signups, then get more visitors to your website. Create referral programs with complementary businesses who share audiences, and look to bring a portion of their traffic back to your website, whether that is via mentions on websites, social media channels, or even through their email marketing. Backlinks from complementary businesses or industry influencers not only put your company in front of larger audiences, they will drive qualified traffic back to your site.

Blogging on other’s website to get more visitors to your website

To reach a wider audience and bring back traffic from other websites, you should also do some blogging on other websites. While there are plenty of opportunities to reach audiences, if you are looking to reach qualified buyers and generate traffic back to your shop via your blogs, you are going to have to be intentional with your targeting. If you are hoping more traffic to your site will lead to more sales, too, then you will want to target higher-commercial-intent keywords as part of your paid search strategy. It is worth noting that by using this strategy, you are likely to receive links and exposure from other sites, which will in turn help to bring traffic to your site – unless, of course, you are able to tie your visuals into content people are actively searching for.

For most of those sites, your profile will link back to your site, so it is very possible to actively update those listings and receive favorable reviews, which could lead to increased traffic to your website. Chances are, most people that you mentioned are going to retweet and share your articles in their own social networks, driving traffic back to your blog and website. Not only will you have a bit of fresh content of your own, but a guest blogger is more than likely to promote the article, driving even more traffic to your website. If sites related to yours know about your audience, you can often pull content to their sites, helping them drive traffic, while at the same time getting exposure to a whole new audience.

If your marketing and PR teams are working together, you can get more visitors to your website and build great word-of-mouth. Having an industry influencer post a blog post on your website, or turning an interview with them into a blog post, can help to get more visitors to your website, either from organic search, or by having this influencer promote the content to his audience (see backlinks section above). Commenting does not necessarily give you an immediate spike in traffic from links immediately, but making a name for yourself by providing insightful, thought-provoking comments on industry blogs and sites is a great way to get your name out there — that could later translate to get more visitors to your website. Social media, display, and retargeting ads are all great types of online advertising strategies to get more visitors to your website.

What strategies to get more visitors to your website have you tried so far?

Tell me about your experiences in the comments below.

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