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Penguin 2.0 is out

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Working on close to 4000 search phrases in a broad array of areas, I obviously get nervous when Google rolls out a new update of it’s search algorithm. This update dubbed Penguin 2.0 is no exception. So far it has not been many days since it became active, but I can already see placements repositioning and changing.

Right now, it looks like the impact on this Google update is smaller then what we expected when Matt Cutts spoke about it in the below video.

In the video, I get the clear impression that this would be a major shift in the search results, but I can’t really say I see this happening. Making a lot of test searches also shows that the spammy search results are definitely present still. For many searches it is virtually imopossible to get any relevant results.

I will post another piece on this when I get some more statistical data to look at. I guess in a few days.

What is your observations? Have you seen anything remarkable about Penguin 2.0?

 Penguin 2.0 is out

Bjørn Are Solstad

Bjorn Solstad is a Search Marketing Expert and Chief Executive Officer in Devenia.
 Penguin 2.0 is out


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 Penguin 2.0 is out
 Penguin 2.0 is out
 Penguin 2.0 is out

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Bjørn Are SolstadPenguin 2.0 is out

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