Why the Hell Should You Care about SEO in New York City?


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In one sentence:  it’s the way businesses connect with consumers these days.  Of course, you’ll want to know more details about it than that.  But, offline marketing is only going to have a certain maximum potential for success.  People just don’t discover businesses through the phone book, billboards, flyers, brochures, or signs like they used to.

Yes, these marketing methods still do work to some degree, but their effectiveness is quickly heading downward.  Your business sense will tell you to meet the consumer where they are at, and right now they are all online.  Internet marketing in New York City is the way people learn about businesses first.  It depends on which study you read, but most claim between 80 – 98% of consumers search for a business online, and then they use the more traditional methods (talking with friends, driving around, viewing billboards etc…).

How do you get Discovered Online?

Although there is some randomness to the way SEO in New York City works, the process actually is scientific, and there are techniques you can perform to increase the likelihood people will find out about your business online.  In fact, there are professional companies performing internet marketing in New York City whose sole reason for existence is to help people find you online and increase your profits.  They are called one of many things:  internet marketing agencies, digital marketing agencies, SEO companies, or search engine optimization companies.

A company performing search engine optimization in New York City, for example, will engage in a variety of tactics to help you get found easily online.  The ultimate goal of SEO in New York City is to get you ranked number one on Google for profitable keywords.

Unfortunately, no company performing internet marketing in New York City can guarantee you position #1 for any keyword!  Why?  Google’s method for ranking websites is kept top-secret.  It’s composed of 200 – 300 factors.  15,000 changes are tested each year, 200 are implemented, and publicly, you hear about 4 of them!  But, don’t let this discouraging news scare you away from SEO in New York City.  Every SEO professional is aware of this, and they are constantly testing and researching their strategies in order to make sure theirs remain effective.

While the technical details of search engine optimization in New York City are complex, they are, on the other hand, easy to understand in basic terms.

So What Does an SEO Professional Recommend?

Speaking in basic terms, a SEO professional will:

  • Build back links to your website, which is the most crucial factor in growing its ranking
  • Recommend some on-page changes (adding keywords to your title/content)
  • Recommend ongoing development of content, usually in the form of a blog
  • Help you get listed in online business directories
  • Assist you in researching the best keywords for your business

The actual process of internet marketing in New York City is much more complex, but now you have at least a basic idea of what happens.  Businesses are happy to pay online marketing companies good money because they can market the business for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing, while at the same time creating profits well in excess of the fees they request.

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