What is SEO in Topeka and How Can it Help my Business?


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Thank you for taking the time to stop by the home page of Devenia, a company performing search engine optimization in Topeka and internet marketing in Topeka, and also serving customers from around the globe.  We have helped many companies increase their search engine rankings and overall bottom line.  But, if you’re new to search engine optimization (SEO), what is it all about and why should you trust Devenia?

You Don’t Have to Physically Enter an SEO Firm

Thanks to the rapid growth of modern technology, companies performing search engine optimization in Topeka and internet marketing in Topeka may actually be physically located thousands of miles away.  In most major population centers, there is a firm located physically nearby.  But, is it the best firm for the job?  It’s hard to say because there is no standards-making body for SEO in Topeka or anywhere else.  There are absolutely no rules regarding this science and literally anyone who wants to call themselves an SEO firm or expert can!  With literally thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of SEO firms out there to choose from, how do you choose the right one for you?

Choose Someone You Trust, not Someone Trying to Make a Sale

At Devenia, we have a unique customer service philosophy.  Basically, what we do is answer your questions in an honest manner and then let you make your decision.  We won’t use any high-pressure sales tactics.  We won’t try to guilt you into buying our services, we won’t tell you that “this is the last time we’ll ever offer a deal like this,” and we’ll definitely never give you a baloney answer in an attempt to close the deal.  We’re not here to “make a sale.”  In our view, “making a sale” is a short-term proposition.  Sure, we can mislead you and not give you all the truth up front, but then when you’re upset later on, we’ll lose you as a client.  So, it’s best that we are honest with you right now and either gain or lose your business at this minute.  That way, we’ll retain the clients who really want to work with us and lose the ones who don’t.   We believe that relationships built on trust are the best, and we’re confident our unique sales approach will earn your trust.

Why Else Should I Consider Devenia as my Company for SEO in Topeka

While we’re confident that our unique honesty-driven approach will gain your trust, we also have some other strengths we believe set us apart from other firms performing search engine optimization in Topeka and internet marketing in Topeka.  One such strength is our pricing structure.  We charge a flat monthly fee based on where your site ranks on Google during the first week of the month.  How does this work in your favor?  First, it allows you to know that your expenses have a maximum.  Other companies may charge per back link, which limits the amount of work they do and may or may not get you to rank highly.  Second, it ties our success to your success.  The higher you rank, the more you pay, and the more we profit.  We are forced by our pricing structure to work in your best interests.

The Bottom Line Regarding SEO in Topeka and Internet Marketing in Topeka

At Devenia, we are truly interested in your best interests.  With the assistance of our services, we believe that your site will only meet success.  If you think we really do have your best interests at heart, contact Devenia today!

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