The Death of Formulaic SEO in St. Paul


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Thank you for stopping by the home page of Devenia!  We are honored that, out of the thousands of possible websites to visit, you would take the time to read a little more at ours.  We are an SEO firm performing search engine optimization in St. Paul and internet marketing in St. Paul and serving customers from around the globe.  Today, we’d like to help you understand why formulaic SEO is playing an increasingly smaller role in Google’s algorithm.

The Way SEO in St. Paul Used to Work

Search engine optimization in St. Paul used to be much more simple than it is today.  All you had to do was follow a simple formula, and more often than not, your site would rank highly for its targeted keywords.  Basically, what you would do is scatter the keywords on your page at a density of 3-5%, put them in your H1 and Title tags, put them in your META Keywords and Description tags, and you were set to go.

Some people were accused of “manipulating” Google to get higher rankings, but they were really just doing what made sense.  If you could get a higher ranking, which meant more traffic and sales, by following a pretty simple and straightforward set of rules, why wouldn’t you do that?

Google, however, is a company that focuses on delivering high-quality and relevant content to its users, and it has been doing this better than any other search engine for a number of years.  Google then began to wonder, “Why should a website with lower quality content rank higher than websites with higher quality content just because it followed the rules we made for our rankings a little better?”

The answer to this question made no sense, and therefore, Google has increased its ability to determine what content is of higher quality than other content.  A 3-5% keyword density is excessive in today’s search rankings environment.  There currently is no set standard for keyword density, but generally it is important to write first for users, while at the same time attempting to maintain a 1-2% keyword density in order to help Google identify the subject of your content.

Currently, the talk among companies performing search engine optimization in St. Paul and internet marketing in St. Paul is that Google is now ranking sites with poor spelling and grammar lower than sites with better grammar and spelling.  Companies performing SEO in St. Paul who outsource their work to India and the Philippines may now have to turn to different alternatives to get higher quality content.

The future of SEO is that Google is placing an increasing importance on the quality of a website’s content.  No one knows what exactly is next, but the better you write, the better off your site will be.  Back linking will also continue to remain vital to your site’s rankings.

The Final Word Regarding Search Engine Optimization in St. Paul

The bottom line regarding SEO in St. Paul and internet marketing in St. Paul is that it’s best to get your SEO and content done right the first time.  The game is changing, but the higher the quality of the work you do now, the better off you’ll be in the long run.  Interested in our SEO services? Contact Devenia Today!

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