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Read more about how search engine optimization, social media marketing and advertising in the search engines can help your business grow faster in Scandinavia than ever before.

Welcome to Devenia, your home for SEO and internet marketing in Scandinavia! No one can provide better Search Engine Optimization in Scandinavia!

Interesting Fact about SEO in Scandinavia

The majority of SEO in Scandinavia is based on your website’s Google rankings.

Currently, 94% of all European searches are performed on Google. The present and future of internet marketing in Scandinavia and SEO in Scandinavia will be dominated by Google, and Devenia’s SEO services will help you remain competitive.

Technological Details of Search Engine Optimization in Scandinavia

Some interesting trends regarding SEO in Scandinavia include the fact that 98% of all searches are performed on desktop computers, compared to just 2% for mobile users.

Facebook’s market share of social media traffic (71%) dominates that of YouTube (11%) and Twitter (5%).

Finally, Google again dominates in SEO in  Scandinavia, but this time in terms of mobile search, with a share of 99% of all mobile search traffic.

SEO in Scandinavia, as with the rest of the world, revolves around 2 tightly competing browsers: Internet Explorer and Firefox, both of which have a 37% market share. However, experts in Search Engine Optimization in Scandinavia are aware that Google Chrome has nearly doubled its market share in the past year, becoming a scary competitor to the other browsers.

Market Analysis of SEO in Scandinavia

Aside from the technological details, Devenia believes that SEO in Scandinavia is a very viable business, as there is a high demand goods and services in Scandinavia. Internet marketing in Scandinavia is interesting because there is a great demand for this service, with Norway being the leader in this regard.

What We can Promise about Internet Marketing in Scandinavia

scandinaviaSEO in Scandinavia, like SEO anywhere, remains an imprecise science. While we would like to make fantastic promises saying that we can take your site to the top of the Google rankings, the simple fact remains we can’t, and anyone who tells you that they can is engaging in unethical behavior. What we can do, however, is to engage in multiple SEO strategies at once that will assuredly improve your website’s rankings, and also give it the best chance to go to the very top of the rankings.

What We Have Learned about Internet Marketing in Scandinavia

Another interesting fact about internet marketing in Scandinavia is that most people engage in specific one-word searches for products or services in which they are interested. If people can’t find what they need, then they engage in multi-word searches. This compares to people in Egypt and the Middle East, who we have discovered will often search by asking a question such as, “My left foot has a pain, what is wrong with it?” Being aware of this difference has helped us to improve our processes.

The Final Word on Search Engine Optimization in Scandinavia

The bottom line is that we at Devenia have a vast amount of experience and research that will help your company boost it profits and succeed in internet marketing in Scandinavia!

The geographical area of Scandinavia is Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Combined, the Scandinavian market represents 20 million high-income and technology-savvy people.

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