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SEO in Slovakia and Social Media

As we have been researching social media trends in various European nations, we have found many surprising results.  In Ireland, for example, we learned that StumbleUpon was more popular than Facebook!  Slovakia, however, represents a trend that is counter to the general trend we have observed in Europe.  The observation we have made in Europe is that in general, Facebook is losing its grip as the leading social media outlet.  However, the exact opposite is true in Slovakia.  In April of 2011, Facebook’s market share of traffic peaked at 84.96%.  In the following months, that market share fell, but now it has risen back up to 84.21%.  For whatever reason, Slovaks have a strong preference for Facebook.  Companies focusing on search engine optimization in Slovakia and internet marketing in Slovakia will want to keep this in mind as they pursue strategies for SEO in Slovakia.  YouTube is the second leading social media outlet, capturing a market share of 9.33%, with no other social media site grabbing more than a 2.5% market share of traffic.

Internet Marketing in Slovakia and Browser Version

In respect to users’ browser preferences, internet marketing in Slovakia also represents a unique prospect.  Worldwide, Internet Explorer is the leading browser, capturing a 41.66% market share of all browser usage.  However, Slovakia again runs counter to the worldwide trend.  In Slovakia, Firefox captures a market share of 41.99% of all browser usage, compared to 27.03% for Google Chrome, and 17.99% for Internet Explorer.  Google Chrome, on a worldwide basis, has doubled its market share, and the same trend is happening in Slovakia, with Chrome’s market share growing from 14.07% to 27.03% in the past year.  Chrome also has become the second leading browser in Slovakia, which may end up being the case on a worldwide basis in the near future.  Companies creating strategies for internet marketing in Slovakia and SEO in Slovakia will want to keep these facts in mind as they engage in the SEO process.

SEO in Slovakia Tip:  Slovakia is a bit slower than many other European nations to make Windows 7 its operating system of choice.  Currently, Windows XP has a market share of 43.58%, compared to Windows 7’s 40.29%.  As expected, Windows 7’s market share is continuing to grow, while Windows XP’s share continues to decline.  Before the end of the year, Windows 7 should become the most common operating system in Slovakia.  Companies engaging in strategies for SEO in Slovakia and internet marketing in Slovakia will want to monitor this trend as it continues to develop.

The Bottom Line for SEO in Slovakia

The bottom line for search engine optimization in Slovakia is that companies need to constantly monitor emerging trends on a country-by-country basis, as each country has its own unique attributes.

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