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You have found the home page of Devenia, your leader for search engine optimization in Serbia and internet marketing in Serbia!  With the assistance of our skilled and knowledgeable staff, you’ll have no trouble climbing to the top of the search engine rankings.  We have offices located worldwide, from the United State to the United Kingdom to Hong Kong.  With our extensive resources and connections, we are able to help our clients stay ahead of the competition as they pursue their strategies for search engine optimization in Serbia.

What We Have Learned Regarding SEO in Serbia and the Social Media

Each country in Europe has its own nuances that make it unique.  In regard to social media, however, we have noticed that southeastern Europe seems to have its own regional trend, which is a strong preference for Facebook.  Facebook captures a market share of 88.18% of all social media traffic in Serbia, and its grasp has remained strong in the past year.  The trend is almost exactly the same in every other southeastern European country, but in other areas of Europe, such as Ireland, we have seen StumbleUpon surpass Facebook in terms of market share.  Companies armed with this research will remain ahead of the competition as they pursue SEO in Serbia and internet marketing in Serbia.

Search Engine Optimization in Serbia and User Browser Preference

In regard to browser preference, Serbia deviates from the norm.  Like the rest of southeastern Europe, Serbians prefer Firefox, as it captures a 42.04% market share of all browser usage.  Google Chrome, however, has been the second leading browser for some time, and it currently captures a 33.21% market share of all browser usage.  Internet Explorer comes in a distant third place, taking just a 15.8% market share.  Google Chrome is slowly gaining market share, while both Firefox and Internet Explorer are slowly losing market share.  Armed with this research, companies will now be able to make more informed decisions regarding internet marketing in Serbia and search engine optimization in Serbia.

An Additional tip for SEO in Serbia:  Everybody knows that Google dominates all other search engines, but just how strong is Google’s dominance in Serbia?  Worldwide, Google captures a 90.92% market share of all traffic, but in Serbia, Google captures a 97.92% market share of all search traffic!  With this in mind, it is important for companies to focus their strategies for search engine optimization in Serbia and internet marketing in Serbia almost exclusively on Google.

The Final Word on SEO in Serbia

The research you have just read is only a small tip of the iceberg.  Creating an effective strategy for SEO in Serbia or internet marketing in Serbia is very difficult and requires the assistance of a professional firm like Devenia.  Much misinformation and misinterpretation exists, however, with the assistance of a trusted firm like Devenia, you can be sure that your strategies for internet marketing in Serbia and search engine optimization in Serbia will succeed!

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