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Observations Regarding Internet Marketing in Portugal and SEO in Portugal

The major social media outlets, as with the rest of the world, can have a dramatic effect on internet marketing in Portugal and SEO in Portugal.  However, as we have studied the major social media outlets, we have found great differences in their usage based on country.  In Portugal, for example, Facebook maintains a pretty noticeable stranglehold on the majority of social media traffic, capturing 65.63% of all social media traffic, and this trend has remained relatively stable for the past year.  In Ireland, for example, Facebook maintains a share of just 41.87% of social media traffic, and StumbleUpon actually is the leader at 48.76%.  StumbleUpon also seems to be increasing its lead in Ireland.  Contrast this with Portugal, where StumbleUpon maintains a market share of 14.26% of social media traffic and YouTube a share of 12.67%.  These trends also seems to be remaining relatively stable.  While staying on top of trends such as these can be difficult, as long as you have Devenia on your side, you’ll remain a leader in SEO in Portugal and internet marketing in Portugal!

SEO in Portugal Tip:  One trend that remains stable and unchanging is Google’s complete domination of search engine traffic.  While Facebook’s dominance is being challenged in some regions, Google is maintaining control everywhere.  In Portugal, Google is currently capturing a 97.05% market share of all search traffic, and worldwide, Google is accounting for 90.92% of all search traffic.  We have noticed that Google seems to maintain a tighter grasp on search traffic in Europe than other areas of the world, but with a worldwide market share of over 90%, Google remains king and may stay that way for a long time.  When working on search engine optimization in Portugal and internet marketing in Portugal, this is one fact your business can rely on.

Internet Marketing in Portugal and Mobile Searching

Mobile searches in Portugal, as in the rest of the world, account for a small minority of all search traffic with a market share of just 1.12% in Portugal.  Worldwide this is a little higher, coming in at 7.12%.  The temptation for businesses is to go with the popular trends, and mobile searching is definitely a popular trend.  While it should be factored into any search engine optimization in Portugal strategy, the sensible decision is to focus optimizing your website’s design for the desktop PC, especially since mobile searching is not dramatically increasing its market share of search traffic.

The Final Word on Search Engine Optimization in Portugal

The final word regarding SEO in Portugal and internet marketing in Portugal is that trends are changing quickly, and can even change dramatically in the course of just 1 month.  With trends changing so quickly, you need the help of a competent and experienced firm like Devenia to help you maximize your search engine optimization in Portugal!

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