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You have stumbled across the home page for Devenia, the leader for internet marketing in Greece and SEO in Greece.  At Devenia, we have top-notch SEO services that are completely unmatched in the industry.  We are a global firm and are equipped with all the resources and connections you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else.

SEO in Greece and the Social Media

SEO in Greece and internet marketing in Greece both are heavily impacted by the major social media outlets.  With social media, it is difficult, but possible for your content to go viral.  Not only does having viral content mean lots of free publicity, but it also means tons of free back links (think free SEO).  Therefore, it is wise for businesses to be aware of major social media trends.  In Greece, we are noticing trends similar to other southeastern European countries.  Facebook dominates all other forms of social media, capturing a market share of 81.29% of all social media traffic in Greece.  This trend has held stable for the past year and is only showing signs of strengthening.  YouTube is the second most powerful social media outlet, capturing a market share of 12.59%.  No other social media outlet captures more than a 2.83% market share of traffic.  Armed with this information, businesses are now more prepared to compete with their strategies for search engine optimization in Greece and internet marketing in Greece.

SEO in Greece and Browser Version

In Greece, we again see preferences similar to the rest of southeastern Europe.  Firefox dominates the competition, capturing a market share of 41.8%.  Internet Explorer has lost its control of second place (26.54%), capturing a lesser market share than Google Chrome (27.08%).  Google Chrome has more than doubled its market share of worldwide browser usage in the past year, and is doing the same in Greece.  At its current rate, it may be the leading browser in Greece in the next few months.  Companies performing SEO in Greece and internet marketing in Greece will want to note this fact as they move forward.

Internet Marketing in Greece Tip:  While mobile devices are trendy and seem like they would account for a large percentage of search engine traffic, in reality they only account for a very miniscule percentage of search traffic, as they currently capture just 1.4% of all search engine traffic.  When performing internet marketing in Greece or search engine optimization in Greece, it is best to focus on users’ desktop experience.

The Bottom Line of SEO in Greece

Strategies for search engine optimization in Greece can change rapidly, just like anywhere else.  With so many constantly changing trends to monitor, business owners could easily become overwhelmed if doing this on their own.  With this in mind, why not hire an experienced and dedicated firm like Devenia to help you create effective strategies for earch engine optimization in Greece and internet marketing in Greece?


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