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Discover Devenia, your leader for SEO in Finland and internet marketing in Finland!  We believe that you will find no one is more effective at search engine optimization in Finland.

Technical Aspects of Devenia’s Search Engine Optimization in Finland

First, we identify the most applicable keywords users may use to find your product or service.  Next, we increase the intensity of the search engine optimization of these keywords; we are highly adept at this part of the procedure.  Next, we perform an effective back-linking strategy, using the strengths of a wide variety of websites.  Our reputation regarding SEO in Finland is our priority.  As such, we follow the methodology of each search engine very strictly, while never taking the slightest risk that may get your site sanctioned by any of the major search engines.  We are meticulous in our process, and we believe that we have positioned ourselves as a leader for SEO in Finland and internet marketing in Finland!

Some Observations Regarding SEO in Finland

Search engine optimization in Finland, as with the rest of the world, can be an ever-changing changing process.  Strategies and techniques that were effective six months ago may no longer apply.  On the other hand, some things remain relatively stable.  One observation we have made is that, as with other European nations, Google has a tighter stranglehold on the search engine market in our region, when compared to the rest of the world.  Worldwide, Google maintains a 90.92% market share of all search traffic, with that share changing very little in the prior year.  In Finland, Google has maintained a 97.84% market share of all search traffic, and again that changed very little over time.  SEO in Finland and internet marketing in Finland, should maintain an even tighter focus on Google rankings than many other businesses worldwide.

Another observation we have made is regarding social media.  Not surprisingly, Facebook has the largest market share at 64.41%.  However, after that the competition is fierce, with both StumbleUpon and YouTube tied for 2nd place with a 13% market share of traffic.  Reddit comes in a distant 3rd at 4.75%, Twitter in fourth with a share of 2.86%, and Linked in a distant 5th at .52%.  The greatest surprise of all of these is probably Twitter, as it receives so much media exposure and therefore seems more likely to garner more traffic.

Search Engine Optimization in Finland Tip:  SEO in Finland, much like the rest of the world, should largely be focused on the experience of desktop users.  A company should keep mobile users in mind, but currently 96.37% of all search traffic comes from a desktop source, compared to just 3.63% for mobile users.

A Final Word Regarding SEO in Finland

Search engine optimization in Finland and internet marketing in Finland is a complex process that is better left to professionals.  At Devenia, our aim is to perform the top SEO services in Finland, and finally, worldwide!

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