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Welcome to Devenia, a globally-based SEO firm with locations ranging from the United States to the United Kingdom and Hong Kong!  With our experienced professionals and full range of services, including everything from SEO to PPC management to consulting and reputation management services, we have everything that your firm requires to climb to high search engine rankings!  No matter what your need, we are here to help you as you create a strategy for search engine optimization in Bulgaria and internet marketing in Bulgaria.

Internet marketing in Bulgaria Tip:  The mobile browsing competition, as in the rest of the world, is very intense in Bulgaria.  Bulgaria is unique in that just one year ago, Nokia held the top position, capturing a market share of 48.54% of all mobile browsing.  That number has now fallen to 24.47%, with Google’s Android now holding the top position at 27.36%.  Opera and the iPhone’s Safari browser are the other browsers effectively competing in Bulgaria.  Businesses who are focusing on search engine optimization in Bulgaria and internet marketing in Bulgaria now have a little more research to help guide their decision-making process.

SEO in Bulgaria and the Social Media

Every European country seems to have a slightly different perception of what the best form of social media is.  In Bulgaria, the most popular form of social media is by far Facebook, which captures a market share of 88.84%.  Facebook’s market share of traffic has also held fairly stable for the past year.  YouTube and StumbleUpon each capture a market share of about 4%, but have never posed any serious threat to Facebook.  None of the other major social media outlets such as Twitter, reddit, LinkedIn, and Digg, capture a market share above 1.65%.  With the assistance of research like this from Devenia, businesses will only succeed in their strategies for search engine optimization in Bulgaria and internet marketing in Bulgaria.

SEO in Bulgaria and User Operating System Preference

Interestingly, Bulgaria is somewhat slower than the rest of the world to make Windows 7 its operating system of choice.  Worldwide, Windows 7 is about to overtake Windows XP as the dominant operating system, capturing a market share of 39.4% to XP’s 40.59%.  In Bulgaria, which simply may not be able to modernize as fast as other nations, users currently prefer Windows XP (58.6%) to Windows 7 (34.42%).  The gap is narrowing, but at a pace slower than in the rest of the world.  Companies engaging in SEO in Bulgaria and internet marketing in Bulgaria will want to note this if they choose to pursue search engine optimization in Bulgaria.

The Bottom Line Regarding Search Engine Optimization in Bulgaria

SEO in Bulgaria can be a very difficult process.  However, with the help of Devenia, companies will be sure to rank highly for each of their respective search terms.

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