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Hello and welcome to the home page of Devenia, your leader for internet marketing in Bosnia & Herzegovina and search engine optimization in Bosnia & Herzegovina.  With the help of our top-notch services, you’ll find your website ranking highly in the search engines in just a matter of months.  We offer a full range of services, including Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Consulting, Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management, and online Reputation Management.  With the assistance of our services, you’ll find your site way ahead of the competition as your pursue your strategies for internet marketing in Bosnia & Herzegovina and search engine optimization in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The Social Media in Bosnia & Herzegovina

While many, if not most, nations in Europe each have their own unique preferences for social media, we have found that the southeastern Europe region as a whole has a strong preference for Facebook.  In Bosnia & Herzegovina, users have a strong preference for Facebook, as is evidenced by its 93.19% market share of social media traffic.  YouTube, typically the second leading social media outlet in southeastern Europe, is the second leading social media outlet, as it captures a 3.91% market share of all social media traffic.  With this in mind, companies pursuing SEO in Bosnia & Herzegovina and internet marketing in Bosnia & Herzegovina will know where to focus their efforts.

User Browser Preference and Internet Marketing in Bosnia & Herzegovina

All web developers know how difficult it can sometimes be to design a website that functions properly across all browsers.  But, which browser should be your company’s focus if it is creating a strategy for internet marketing in Bosnia & Herzegovina?  This country is somewhat similar to others in the region, however, there are some key differences.  The main similarity is users’ preference for Firefox, as it captures a market share of 42.66%.  The main difference is that Google Chrome’s market share is on the rise, and is currently sitting at 39.24%.  If the present trends continue, Chrome should be the dominant browser in Bosnia & Herzegovina in just a few months.  The third leading browser, Internet Explorer, is basically non-competitive, as it captures a 12.43% market share.  Interestingly, Internet Explorer captures the most market share worldwide at 41.66%.  Performing a strategy for internet marketing in Bosnia & Herzegovina and SEO in Bosnia & Herzegovina is challenging, but with this information, companies should experience a higher level of success.

The Bottom Line Regarding Search Engine Optimization in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Anybody who knows the business or technology world knows that things change rapidly.  Changes occur so fast, in fact, that too much is going on for one person to handle.  In order to remain competitive in the modern age, it is wise to seek the assistance of Devenia, so that you can focus on the more important tasks.  With the help of Devenia, your company will blow away the competition as it pursues strategies for search engine optimization in Bosnia & Herzegovina and internet marketing in Bosnia & Herzegovina!


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