Pay Only When You Rank with SEO in Colorado Springs

Get More Customers in Colorado Springs from Internet

customer-online-shopping-with-credit-cardWe can help you improve your Google rankings, and get more customers in Colorado Springs to your business website from people searching on the web.

In the end you will achieve higher revenues in a better and more cost-effective way than you ever thought was possible.

Read more about how search engine optimization, social media marketing and advertising in the search engines can help your business grow faster in Colorado Springs than ever before.

Higher rankings
When you are visible in search, new clients comes in fast.

24 hours a day
Visibility in search means your business makes money around the clock.

We will help you get clients
No complicated routines or contracts. We invoice you based on results.

Get in now!
You are missing out on a lot of business. Let us together change that!

There are about as many different ways for billing for SEO services as there are companies in the industry.  Yes, SEO is a young industry with no formal standards-making body, so if you and your company both agree the price is reasonable, then it’s a reasonable price.

But, some companies are more friendly with their pricing than others.  And yes, unfortunately, some companies do trap you into long-term contracts, even though their services provide little to no value.  That’s just the nature of what happens in the world.

How Devenia Writes its Billing Terms in Your Favor

At Devenia, we provide SEO in Colorado Springs and also to many businesses around the world.  We’re familiar with how SEO agencies work, both the good and the bad.  Based on our experience, here’s how we model our billing:

  • No contracts – Because you never sign a contract, we have to earn your business every month.  Yes, you can cancel at any time, but we find most of our customers don’t want to because we generated the results they wanted.
  • Pay only when you rank on Google’s 1st page – It takes 3-4 months, sometimes 6 or more, to rank on the 1st page of Google for your keywords.  It’s just a fact of SEO in Colorado Springs.  However, during those months where you don’t rank on the 1st page of Google, you don’t pay us anything.  By putting ourselves at a disadvantage at first, we are able to earn you trust right off the bat.
  • Predictable fees – Any service fees for hourly work are always quoted up front, and we never exceed them.  If we have to lose some time because we don’t quote properly, that’s something we’ll deal with.
  • Set it and forget it – Okay, so maybe this isn’t a billing condition.  But, once you choose to work with us, you can be as hands on or hands off as you’d like.  We’ll give you monthly reporting so you know how high you rank for each keyword, but beyond that you don’t need to do anything.

Everyone’s Looking for Businesses on the ‘Net – Devenia Help you Get Found

Depending on which statistics you read, somewhere between 80-97% of all online and offline purchases begin with online research.  At Devenia, our internet marketing in Colorado Spring services help you rank highly in Google, where people will be able to notice your website.

More people noticing your site means more business for you.  The idea is that simple, but carrying out the work of ranking your site on our end is fairly challenging.

When it comes to search engine optimization in Colorado Springs, Devenia believes in creating long-term relationships founded on a high level of trust.  If you have any questions we can answer, or if you would like to work with us, contact us online.

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