Clarifying Many of the Myths about SEO in Raleigh


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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to visit the home page of Devenia, a leading firm for search engine optimization in Raleigh and internet marketing in Raleigh.  With the assistance of our services, you’ll find your business attaining a noticeable increase in its bottom line in the matter of just a few short months.  SEO is an emerging profession, and unfortunately, at this point there is no standards-making body or regulation regarding this area of knowledge.  Since that is the reality of SEO at this time, it is up to you to be knowledgeable about the profession so that you don’t find yourself getting ripped off.  At Devenia, we’d like to help you understand some of the myths swirling around SEO so that you can make an informed decision.  Without any further delay, here they are:

  1. A guaranteed #1 rank at Google.  Many companies performing SEO in Raleigh and internet marketing in Raleigh advertise that they can help your business get a #1 ranking on Google.  This is actually somewhat likely to happen for less competitive keywords, but it’s still difficult to guarantee.  However, for more competitive keywords, this is practically an impossibility.  If you talk further with the company and they continue to back this claim up, they may be engaging in underhanded practices that will get you temporarily ranked #1 on Google, but unfortunately, Google will find out about any less-than-honest SEO practices used and will either penalize or ban your site from its rankings.
  2. Keyword density is unimportant.  Google currently loves unique and quality content.  However, in order to get to know what your content is about so that it can rank your content for the appropriate keywords, Google does need a certain keyword density, although no one knows exactly what it is.  Most agree placing the keywords in your page’s Title and H1 tags and then placing it at a density of about 1% throughout your article is the best.  It reads well for users without sounding spammy, and it helps Google understand what the content is about.
  3. Old knowledge is applicable.  When considering search engine optimization in Raleigh and internet marketing in Raleigh, “old” can literally mean just a few months.  In some cases, “old” can be one month.  If you’re not sure about the claims a SEO company is making, Google them, see what the dates of the articles are that pop up, and then act accordingly.
  4. The more back links you have, the better.  To some extent, this is true.  However, the most effective approach to back links is thinking “the more quality back links you have, the better.”  Companies performing search engine optimization in Raleigh and internet marketing in Raleigh are aware that just a few high-quality back links from authority web sites are worth more than many low-quality back links from less authoritative websites.

The Final Word Regarding SEO in Raleigh

Search engine optimization in Raleigh is not a simple science, and while there is much conflicting information swirling about, hopefully Devenia has helped you to understand more of the realities of SEO.  At Devenia, we believe in being as open, honest, and transparent as is possible.  Are you considering a strategy for search engine optimization in Raleigh?  If so, contact Devenia today!

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