Why Should Realtors care about SEO?

5532848433_098b85d1b0_realtorRealtors looking to increase their local business without a huge investment of time must pay attention carefully to this post!  SEO is the new way, especially for local and regional businesses, to grow their company.  You cannot deny the fact that more and more people are looking online first for the business or service they need.

Real-world word of mouth still happens too, but the internet is so easy, so fast, and Google is so smart at helping people find what they want, that word of mouth in the real world is quickly going by the wayside.  And, you can read user reviews about the business and check out ratings regarding its quality from independent agencies – all from the comfort of your own home!

You can know everything there is to know about a business before you even go through its doors!

As a result of all these changes, it’s important to market yourself locally in geographic terms, but this must be done from an online perspective.

You may think there’s not too much of a difference between the first and second page of Google, but there’s a huge difference.  Somewhere between 95-98% of all search traffic comes from the first page of the rankings.  In essence, the second page is no different than page 100 of Google.

When SEO services help your name come up first for a variety of search terms, this makes you more accessible to the average internet user.  About 35% of all search traffic clicks through on the first ranking.  Positions 2-4 account for about 20% of all search traffic.  And, keep in mind it’s much easier to rank higher for a local search term that it is for one that covers a larger geographical area.

The questions to ask yourself are:  If I double my internet traffic, how many additional conversions might a get?  How much do I stand to profit off of one additional conversion?

As a realtor, you know how difficult it is to sell much of anything now.  And, you are aware inflation could go crazy at any point in the future.  Sales may get harder, but inflation will drive up property values.

The point is that, for every company, SEO works.  It’s just a matter of what scale it is that you will be approaching SEO from.  And, the bigger you are, the longer it may take to experience results.  But, once you do experience those results, you will definitely not regret using internet marketing services.

Many businesses substantially increase their growth in just a few short months.  The promise can’t be made that you will experience those results, but you will experience results in excess of your costs.  If you think search engine optimization can help you, be sure to get in the game now before competition really tightens up in the future!

Last Updated on March 7, 2015 by Dan Stelter

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