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Many of our international customers are annoyed by the high fees they have to pay when they pay invoices from us with a bank transfer. This is because our bank is Lloyd’s Bank in London, and this means it will be handled via the SWIFT system or SEPA that banks use internationally.

Naturally, this entails not only high fees both for you as a customer, but it also means that up to 10% of the amount we receive is “magically” lost in the system of Lloyd’s in transfer fees and exchange rates to and from local currencies.

We have always offered payments by VISA, Mastercard and other cards through our Paypal account, but this is not for everyone – and we see it is a particularly big problem for our larger customers.

It is therefore gratifying to report that we also offer payment with Bitcoin as a very attractive alternative to the expensive solutions the banks offer. Not only do we accept Bitcoin as a payment for our services, but we have sufficient confidence in this new technology that we decided to work up a new business area in the company that trades with Bitcoin’s in the international markets on a daily basis.

If you want to pay the next bill from us with Bitcoin, use the current Bitcoin price that you find on xe.com and then pay the amount in Bitcoin to the address you will receive by contacting us at bitcoin@devenia.com. We will then generate a unique bitcoin-address for each customer, so that there will never be any doubt from any parties whether an invoice has been settled for or not. It is important to mark the payment with the corresponding invoice number, so it is easy to keep track of payed invoices in our system.

The fee you pay for a transaction via Bitcoin is so incredibly small that it’s almost funny. Most transactions we do have fees of less than a penny, and payment is registered with us in a matter of seconds and is confirmed by the Bitcoin system in less than an hour afterwards.

If you have questions about this or other questions related to Bitcoin or other crypto currencies, please ask in the comments below.

For press inquiries regarding our Bitcoin engagement, please contact our COO, Eman Nabih at eman@devenia.com

Last Updated on February 26, 2023 by Bjorn Solstad

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