The Secret to SEO Success

I’m so excited to share this secret with you.  As a company, we’ve been studying SEO carefully for years.  Dozens of clients, thousands of keywords, and much higher rankings for every one of them have allowed us to finally share the top secret to our company’s success.

success photoIt’s so startlingly simple that you won’t believe you missed this one, magical secret!

So, without making you salivate anymore, here it is:  consistent hard work.

A little surprised?  We’re not.

Why Does Hard Work Succeed When it Comes to SEO?

If you follow common sense thinking, try thinking about it this way:

  • Google is a business
  • How do businesses stay in business?
  • By giving their market what it wants
  • What does the search market want?
  • Interesting, useful content from easy-to-use websites

That’s all it really boils down to, and if you work to these principles, your SEO won’t be good now – it’ll be good forever.

Why do People Make it Sound so Complicated?

At its lowest level SEO becomes somewhat complex.  But, people often exaggerate the complexities in order to make a sale.  If you’re not a computer person, then you could say SEO is pretty complex.  But, if you’re fairly familiar with technology, then SEO really isn’t all that complicated.

If It’s Not That Hard, How Come SEO Becomes Costly?

It really boils down to a time factor.  While SEO isn’t that difficult, for even a small business of just a couple employees, it takes a full-time effort by 1 person to do all of the work.  For larger companies, the time costs scale.

In comparison to traditional marketing methods, SEO is actually very inexpensive.  Evaluate the current cost-per-lead for the marketing methods you have in place now and compare it to the typical SEO strategy, and you will find that the cost-per-lead for SEO is much, much lower on at basis.

Additionally, the returns you generate from the average SEO campaign are fairly significant.  These costs may seem expensive at first, but later on, when you tally the total revenues from your online efforts, the costs for even the most challenging SEO campaigns are quite reasonable compared to traditional marketing methods.

The truth is that SEO will only cost more in the future, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Google is developing its algorithm to include more link juice from a variety of sources to increase your rankings
  • More companies are realizing SEO’s effectiveness and are willing to put more money into it
  • People will increasingly search the web first for the products, services, and information they need

If you are having a hard time finding the funds for SEO or want to go with a “cheap” company, consider this question:  Would you hire a handyman or an experienced carpenter to repair your roof?

The same idea applies to SEO.  The secret to success is hard work, and you get what you pay for.  So, find someone you trust to do what they say they will do, and let them do the hard work so you can focus on running your business instead of building links and making social media posts all day long!

Last Updated on March 15, 2015 by Dan Stelter

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