The New Way for Growing an Optometrist’s Business: SEO

8666839556_6eebabf618_OptometristIf you are an optometrist looking for the newest, and most cost-effective, method for growing your business, take a minute and learn about search engine optimization (SEO).  Also called “internet marketing,” search engine optimization describes the process of making your website more visible to the search engines.

When the search engines find your site more easily, so do your potential clients.  And when your clients start rolling in, so do the additional profits!

The best thing is that this doesn’t cost you any time – you can simply pay out of pocket to have someone else do it for you.  Many companies are different in how they bill.  Some want a contract, others charge you monthly, and still others only charge when you actually rank.

Any one of these methods can be used properly and improperly.  However, the method which presents the least risk and most reward is the pay-per-rank system.  When considering SEO, keep in mind it can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months before you start noticing the benefits of your services.

If you choose particularly challenging keywords, it may take longer than that.  But, any decent SEO firm recommends you start off with some easier keywords to start producing profits in excess of your costs.  Then, if you are happy with the results and want to push things further, you can always add on more challenging keywords later on.

Why is SEO a Good Idea Right Now?

Right now is the time to get into the search engine optimization game.  Why?  A significant number of businesses still aren’t aware of the additional profits SEO helps your business generate!  Many companies are getting into, or have already been in, the SEO game.

But, since it’s such a new science, and since most companies will actually use it when they know about it, now is the time to get in before the competition does.

How Does Internet Marketing Work?

Most SEO experts will tell you search engine optimization is not so much difficult as it is time-consuming.  A large part of the process involves building back links, which just takes a ton of time.  Here are some ways back links are built:

  • An original article is written and posted on a website
  • An original article is written, a blog hunted down, and the article is eventually posted
  • Links to your website are posted on directories
  • Forum posts are made in niche forums with links back to your site
  • Links are made in all local business directories to your website

SEOs know which sites index the fastest in Google, and which sites may never index at all.  Researching that takes hours and hours of time.  Posting the links takes hours and hours of time.  It’s a very simple experiment – post the link and check when it’s indexed in Google.  But, it all takes time and patience.

And, back linking is just one aspect of internet marketing – there’s much more to the process.  As an optometrist, you could do many of these things on your own, but you simply don’t have five hours per day to dedicate to the process.  If you are ready to grow your business by leaps and bounds, research some SEOs, ask them questions, and give them a call!

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