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SharewithUS2 Share It With Us“There are people who make the events, and there are people who are affected by what is happening, and there are people who do not know what is happening! What differentiates between success and failure,  is not the  possibilities nor the capabilities, but it is the ability to use these possibilities and capabilities and the ability to be prepared to receive the opportunities.” George Bernard Shaw

We make events and you can change events and make it too.
Many Internet users do not realize the power of the Internet medias. And further clarified, the simplest example of this, is that anyone who wants to destroy the reputation of a company or a person by an article or a picture or a video, it does n’t matter if the news is true or not.

Unfortunately, bad news flies and spreads like the lightning speed; Most of the internet users, do not try to verify or search whether the news are true or not. And they participate directly in publishing and spreading the bad news on the Internet through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or through different blogs and sites.

They do not realize that they are contributing directly in destroying your name and your reputation just like some yellow medias do in general, and in this case, ordinary users are more powerful than the real medias themselves.
On this basis, you should  periodically search for your name on search engines to see whether any one out there is trying to offend you or spreading rumors about you and your name.

You can change events  in the same way used by the Internet medias against whom are trying to slander you.

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