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question-mark-man-sitting-inside1. What is our customer segment? (Start-ups, small business, virtual shops, big companies…)

We deal with all kinds of businesses in most fields, whether big or small firms or even individuals who own sites and would like to market their sites, whether doctors, plumbers, mechanics, writers, lawyers.

2. What type of services do we provide? (Ad, design, PPC, optimization…) What value can we create for customers? (Customization of design, higher performance, specific offers, after-sale support, less risk, order made in time…)

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

We work on getting our clients traffic to their sites through search engines and relevant niche websites. In return,their websites receive immediate and targeted traffic, thereby increasing sales.

We help clients to select the most effective keywords and create successful ads.

Reputation Management

We monitoring the Internet reputation of a person, brand, or business with the goal of increasing positive mentions, while stopping negative mentions entirely, or pushing them lower on the SERPs to decrease their visibility to the public. We help clients to effectively monitor their reputation, leading to greater publicity and larger profits.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This service is a complex process of increasing clients visibility to the search engines and their rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Even a slight increase from fifth to first place on the first page of Google can lead to thousands of additional visitors and sales. At Devenia, SEO is our specialty.
We do not charge our clients any costs, until we get them on the first page of the search engine. We consider that being on the second page of the search engine, is no difference than being on the last page.

Inner Page SEO / Deep Linking Service

Is all about getting back links to clients inner pages, and not only to the main page of the site. It’s very important with proper linking to the inner pages to get them to the top of the search engines results pages.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

This is about increasing clients websites visibility to the search engines by using paid ad placement, contextual advertising, and back linking. Increasing clients visibility leads to increased traffic, which in turn leads to increased sales. At Devenia, our SEM professionals monitor the constantly changing SEM market, helping clients to maintain high search engine rankings.

SEO & Pay Per Click (PPC) consulting services

Involve one of Devenia’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) professionals to periodically reviewing clients websites and offering a customized report to help clients expose opportunities for increased search engine traffic, and finally, increased sales.

Social Marketing

Includes advertising via Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn. While Facebook maintains a majority of social media traffic, the remaining outlets are becoming increasingly competitive. With stiff social media competition and potentially thousands of sales that could result from it.

Text, articles writing, translation and web pages content revision and correction

We have staff that speak different languages and specialized in translation, text writing…etc Like Chinese, English, Norwegian, Arabic, Danish, Swedish, Polish and French.

Website Programming And Design

An Internet Marketing Specialist should advise clients to realize the importance and the tight relationship between having a great website and the link building for search engine optimazation,which is by building a great website involves striking the proper balance between writing informative, engaging, and regularly-updated content and executing a great Search Engine Optimization strategy.

The first strategy to creating a great website, as we explain it to our clients, is to start out with great content. Write content that is unique in the industry or even controversial. Then, perform basic SEO and distribute it via social media and virtually every other communication channel they can imagine. People will find the clients product, service, or viewpoint to be fascinating and will spread the word to everyone.

Clients will get free one-way back links, free advertising, and a very strong brand name! Basically, the general public will be performing their SEO for the clients!
Many leading blogs and websites grew to popularity this way, but unfortunately, in today’s increasingly-competitive market, with thousands of new websites being added every day, this is very difficult to do.

For most people, growing a website from relative obscurity to immense popularity doesn’t happen. However, there are some steps which can be taken to create a website that is more likely to garner significant attention in the long-term:

a) Clients should Get the assistance of an SEO firm, and do whatever it is that fits in the client budget.
SEO firms have tons of experience working with many different websites and can help clients with every aspect of optimizing their sites, including writing engaging content.

b) Research. Before clients do anything, they must do their research! Either hire an SEO firm to research the keywords, or do it themselves. clients don’t want to start on the wrong foot by choosing a URL with keywords no one searches for or keywords that are ultra-competitive.

Additionally, client want to know the psychology of their market so they can create engaging content that persuades their target niche to buy.

c) Design. Make sure that their websites have a professional design that functions well across most popular browsers. Nothing turns users off more than a button that doesn’t work, or pages that say “under construction.”

Also to make sure that their sites have a clear and simple navigation.

d) Create engaging content. by not copying and pasting content from another site – because a site is not going to stand out if a client is doing the same thing as everyone else.
It is also important that the client doesn’t keyword-stuff their content or just throw up the first thing that comes to mind either.
Clients should Research their target market, discover its needs, and find a way to write emotionally-engaging content that solves their market’s needs.

e) Focus on fast pages. Clients should Make sure that their pages download quickly. “WWW” stands for World Wide Web, not World Wide Wait.

f) A client should Check their spelling and grammar. Many, possibly most, websites have obvious spelling or grammatical errors. Writing to stand out on the internet doesn’t require the skills of Shakespeare, but it does require the ability to write interesting and error-free content.

g) Keep links current. Never, under any circumstances, let any of the client’s links point to the wrong destination or destinations that don’t exist.

h) A client should be consistent and stop doing what doesn’t work. For most, building a great website with many visitors is a long-term (several months to years) goal. Keep at it for a while, try some new things, and then refine their strategy based on what they learn.
If a client keeps at it long enough and learn from their own mistakes, their sites will do well. While there is no “perfect” website, great ones do exist, but they are defined by the marketplace, not the creator.

3. How we manage to get new clients and keep those clients for a long term relationship by their own willing?

  • Never force a client in to a short or long term relationship. It is up to the client to determine what kind of relationship they want to establish with our company. And this successfully is achieved by gaining the trust of the client by being honest and clear about what they are expecting from us and what we can do and achieve for their business.
  • Keeping the good reputation of our Internet Marketing Company and the great services which is based on what you pay for is what you get. Showing the client that you work for him exactly like you are working with your own business. Which means to take care of their business in all aspects and never take any risk with the client business.
  • Never force selling a service to the client even if we think it will be great for their business and it will add to it. If you do the job well, the client will always ask for more services in order to gain more success and increasing their benefits.
  • Never hide any information from the client. You must explain to them everything and in detail about what you will do and achieve for them. They need to know how long will it take to get their business on the right track and what it will take to achieve what they are hoping for, so they will realize that you are not trying to look and sound like you have a magical stick in doing things in relation to the internet marketing tasks.
  • A client gets other clients for you and you never need to ask. Meaning, when you do a great job for a client, not only will the clients stick with you, but they will also at the same time spread the word to other clients.
    And that is related to the good reputation of an internet marketing firm and the trust you gain based on good services and honesty.
  • You do not need to be a big company to attract clients or gain their trust. Devenia is considered as a small Internet Marketing company and we had many jobs of link building in favor of big Internet Marketing Companies whether for their own sites or for their customers.
  • There are many great and big names in the internet marketing field, they are really great in writing articles about Internet marketing, but that is often just in theory because they never give practical, real life examples and if you ask them about how to turn their theories as a practical example, they won’t be able to answer how, simply because they are only good in writing theories!

4. What are the key activities we perform to run the business? (service production, design development of new applications, platforms)

Link building, traffic analysis, pay per click management, tweaking of link building system, text writing…

5. Why do we differ from our rivals?

  • We are a global firm with many resources that smaller firms don’t have.
  • We are skilled in social marketing via the major social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Monitoring changes in search engine algorithms requires significant work. Our experienced SEO professionals can take care of this for the client, so the client can focus on more important tasks.
  • We are always researching the best keywords and can make more effective recommendations than the competition.
    We have an extensive database of authority websites (more than 4500 websites). In the eyes of search engines, links from more authoritative websites make clients websites more important than less authoritative ones.
  • We are careful to never violate search engine rules, which can harm clients site’s rankings, or get clients banned altogether.
  • Fees for our services are small in comparison to the profits clients business’s will experience as a result of our internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) services – and we never charge in advance! You pay for what you get. No hidden costs.

6. What is the future of online marketing and SEO?

It is THE future of all marketing. All other channels are suffering huge losses because the companies are moving over to internet based marketing channels.

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