Multilingual challenges

Currently we are working on making this site truly Multilingual.

In other words, we are translating the entire site to six different Languages.

When we first started on the process, our first challenge was to decide on what Content Management System to use for the site. Earlier, we have used Joomla and WordPress for this site, but the Multilingual support was poor or lacking. So we decided to either drop WordPress and go for another CMS, or look for a plugin to use in order to get the Site translated.

As I tell this, several employees are working on translating the Content and we are using WPML (WordPress MultiLingual) plugin to manage it all. So far, I have seen that the plugin does work, but it has its hick-ups.

For example, I discovered yesterday that when I add a translation from English to Arabic, the page loses its parent page. That means that every time we translate any of the pages on the site, the site structure gets messed up and I have to go into each page and reassign the parent pages. This is a really an annoying problem when you work on a site with 6 languages.

I have just updated WPML, so I hope that this is a bug the developers of the plugin has sorted out.

What is your experience with WPML? Have you found many annoying bugs?

Last Updated on October 4, 2012 by Bjorn Solstad

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