Looking For a Social media specialist? Here are some things we can help you with

At Devenia, we are specialized in implementing creative, long-term and reliable solutions to online marketing that produces a high return on investment.

Devenia Limited was established in 2007 By Bjorn Solstad, a Norwegian of nationality. He has a deep knowledge of the Internet marketing field, and has been working in this field since before it even became a “thing” in the early nineties.

Devenia’s staff is specialized in internet marketing in search & social media, but we don’t necessarily limit ourselves to those areas. It all depends on what needs to be solved, when and the budget.

You are at the right place, if you want to pay for results and results only, and not buying fish in the water.

When it comes to social media, here are some of what we can do acting as a social media specialist on your behalf:

  • We can create and review your company’s social media presence and profiles.
  • Edit and publish content daily on social media pages.
  • Suggest new ways to attract/ encourage customers, like promotions and competitions.
  • Know how to use trends and news jacking and engage more with the audience.
  • Create advertisement campaigns with daily following up to ensure that the campaign meets your target and follow the campaign budget.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Tactics and execution.
  • Community Management.
  • Understand how content works on a social web.
  • Optimizing content and technology.
  • Writing skills.
  • Monitor customers behavior and trending topics on social media
  • Monitor your online community, and respond to queries in a timely manner.
  • Collect customer’s data and analyse interactions and visits, plus we use this information to create comprehensive reports and improve future marketing strategies and campaigns.

Last Updated on April 28, 2024 by Bjorn Solstad

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