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Thank you for taking the time to stop by Devenia, a company performing search engine optimization in Pierre and internet marketing in Pierre.  We have effectively served hundreds of customers, and we believe that we can help your business too.  SEO is a relatively new science.  If you’re tech savvy or younger, you probably already realize what this science is all about and why it’s necessary in this day and age.  However, if you’re a business veteran and are not quite sure what this whole “SEO” thing is all about, Devenia is here to help you learn a little more and why SEO is essential to your business’s survival today.

What is SEO in Pierre?

Search engine optimization in Pierre is the science of helping your site to rank higher in Google’s rankings.  Why is everyone concerned with Google?  Approximately 80% of United States search engine traffic goes through Google, and this number grows to 91% worldwide.  Yahoo and Bing account for the majority of the rest, and the final 1% is shared by hundreds of other search engines.  Typically, if your site has been optimized to rank high in Google, it will also rank highly in Yahoo and Bing.  That’s why everyone is so concerned with Google.

How does SEO in Pierre help to increase your site’s Google rankings?  We can’t share our exact strategy, as that is our competitive edge, but we can say that the core of our SEO strategy revolves around back links.  Google loves one-way back links (links from other sites to yours) from relevant sites the most.  And, while no one knows Google’s exact methodology for determining website rankings (it’s composed of hundreds of factors that change monthly and are kept top-secret), everyone does agree that back linking is a strong factor in Google’s ranking methodology.

Why is SEO in Pierre Essential to my Business?

Search engine optimization in Pierre and internet marketing in Pierre are essential to your business because everyone else is doing it.  Don’t just do it because everyone else is though.  You must do it because it will help your site to rank ahead of all the others.  Keep in mind that not all firms performing search engine optimization in Pierre are the same.  You can pay literally thousands of dollars for services that are relatively ineffective.  At Devenia, we are very flexible with how we provide our services.  In some cases, we’ve gone as far as allowing our customers to set their own prices!  This isn’t always the case, but it demonstrates our commitment to building the trust of our clients.

The Final Word Regarding Search Engine Optimization in Pierre

The bottom line regarding SEO in Pierre is that when done right, SEO will help your site to rank higher, increase its sales, and ultimately, develop a healthier bottom line.  With the assistance of our services, we believe that we can help your company stand out from all the others. Contact Devenia Today!

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