What is SEO in Utah and How Can it Help My Firm?


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Thank you for taking the time to stop by Devenia, a firm performing search engine optimization in Utah, but servicing customers from across the globe.  SEO is an emerging technology, but not everyone is familiar with it.  And, to make things worse, just about any person who wants to can build a website and call themselves an “SEO expert.”  With all the hype, misnomers, and confusion swirling about, where is the truth?  If you are considering SEO in Utah or internet marketing in Utah, let Devenia assist you!

What is SEO in Utah All About?

Search engine optimization in Utah is a an infinitely complex, yet simple to understand, body of knowledge.  SEO is the science of getting your website to rank higher for words users search for (called “keywords”).  There is no precise or official SEO methodology, as Google keeps its search ranking methodology top secret, has composed it of hundreds of factors, and changes the methodology monthly.  Many firms have researched their own methods, and each method has a different level of effectiveness.  Regardless of the strategy for SEO in Utah, your rankings in the search engines will increase, with the final goal being increased traffic and sales at your site.  While there is disagreement on which SEO methods are most effective, we can share some very basic tips that most companies use to some level:

  1. An effective back linking strategy (back links are links from other sites to yours)
  2. Targeting relevant keywords for which you would like to be competitive
  3. Optimizing your site’s HTML code for maximum appeal to Google
  4. Creating engaging content that keeps visitors coming back time and again
  5. Ensuring your site loads quickly

Why is Everyone that Performs Search Engine Optimization in Utah so Concerned about Google?

Search engine optimization in Utah primarily revolves around Google because it controls the most search traffic on the planet, and its competitors aren’t even close.  Google currently controls about 80% of U.S. search traffic and 91% of worldwide search traffic!  Yahoo and Bing (formerly MSN) battle for the remainder, but neither search engine is any viable threat to Google.

How is it that Google Writes the Rules for SEO in Utah and Internet Marketing in Utah?

Google dominated the competition because it discovered a search methodology that returned results that users were interested in on a much more consistent basis that either Yahoo or Bing.  Google is by far the most functional search engine.  And, it’s evident as soon as you visit its home page.  What do you see?  All you see is a search box.  Yahoo and Bing are plastered with advertisements that confuse and bewilder many people.

Anyway, Google’s functionality caused it to gain more usage than any other search engine.  Since most people use Google, SEO companies write their code centered on its search practices.  Additionally, if you rank highly on Google for a keyword, you typically rank highly on Bing and Yahoo.

The Final Word Regarding SEO in Utah

After all that, search engine optimization in Utah should be a lot more clear in your mind.  As a business owner, your main concern should be that having an effective strategy for SEO in Utah and internet marketing in Utah will help to boost your site’s traffic and sales in the matter of just a few short months.  Ready to get started? Contact Devenia Today!

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