What is Search Engine Optimization in Maine?


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You have stumbled across the home page of Devenia, a firm performing search engine optimization in Maine, but serving customers globally.  We believe that no other firm has the ability to match our services, and we can guarantee that we will get your site to rank highly in Google’s rankings.  But first, let’s say you’re someone who is new to search engine optimization in Maine and that you have no idea how SEO works.  That’s okay, as that’s exactly where Devenia’s expertise lies.

How does SEO in Maine Work?

SEO itself is a fairly complex process, but as with anything else, it has its own tips, tricks, and tactics.  Search engine optimization, if you’re not already familiar, is the process businesses use in order to get their website to rank higher in Google.  You know Google!  Google controls approximately 91% of all search engine traffic worldwide!  Simply type in some keywords that describe what you’re looking for, and presto, magically exactly what you’re trying to find pops up out of nowhere.  SEO is an imprecise process that is used to get a website to rank higher for each keyword.  The imprecision results from Google keeping its methodology for ranking sites totally secret, using hundreds of factors to rank sites, and then changing this methodology every few weeks or so.  No one really knows exactly what the methodology is, but here are a few general things most companies believe are helpful:

1)  Back links.  Links from other sites to your site are far and away the most powerful method for making your site look favorable in Google’s eyes.  But not all back links are created equal.  Some websites already have more authority in Google’s eyes than others, and their back links count more than back links from sites with less authority.  Devenia has a detailed database of these higher quality sites, which allows us to perform search engine optimization in Maine much more effectively than other firms.

2)  Quality content.  Interesting articles that engage the reader are great for SEO.  Why?  Several reasons actually:

  • Google is becoming increasingly sensitive to detecting the difference between spammy, keyword-stuffed content and genuine high-quality content.
  • Users will read great content and pass it on to their friends.  They and their friends will link more to the content, creating free back links.
  • Content that receives large amounts of traffic is also given higher weight in Google’s eyes than content which receives lesser traffic.

3)  Choosing targeted keywords carefully.  Choosing your keywords carefully is something to always keep in mind.  When performing search engine optimization in Maine or internet marketing in Maine, it is important to choose keywords that are competitive, but not too competitive.  Highly competitive keywords can take multiple years before you see a high ranking.  Words that are not competitive enough result in your site not being searched and not getting any traffic.

4)  Monitoring Google’s changes.  We mentioned before that Google changes often.  Being able to measure those changes and then develop appropriate strategies to accommodate is a critical part of any SEO firm’s job.

The Final Word on SEO in Maine

Search engine optimization in Maine and internet marketing in Maine are two processes that require experts.  You can use any firm you’d like, but not all firms do the same job.  At Devenia, we only charge you based on your results.  With our assistance, we’re sure you’ll only meet success. Contact Devenia Today!

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