What is Great Content and How is it Essential to SEO in Frankfort?


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Thank you for taking the time to stop by Devenia, a company performing search engine optimization in Frankfort and internet marketing in Frankfort and serving customers from around the globe.  We believe our SEO services give our customers more value than any other firm.  If you’re already familiar with search engine optimization in Frankfort, take a minute to learn how great content can help your site stand out from all the rest.

What is “Great Content?”

Ultimately, what is great is determined by the marketplace.  Every company performing SEO in Frankfort or internet marketing in Frankfort will tell you that they have “professional” writers who can write “great content” for your site.  But, writing is a learned skill, just like anything else.  And, writing for the internet is also a learned skill, just like anything else.  As the marketplace does ultimately determine whether or not content is great, it is difficult to know what content will actually succeed.  There are, however, a few tactics that you can use in order to maximize the chances your content will be deemed “great:”

  1. Write something that is unique.
  2. Ensure it has a catchy headline.
  3. Create work that is engaging to your visitors.
  4. Write content that answers questions your visitors may have in a way that makes a powerful impact on them.
  5. Ensure your work is free of grammatical and spelling errors.

If you follow these guidelines, you have a good chance of creating content that attracts many new visitors to your site.  Many companies performing SEO in Frankfort and internet marketing in Frankfort believe that outsourcing content writing to India or the Philippines is the best way to get “great content.”  While individuals from these countries do put forth their best effort, the content that comes back is worded awkwardly and it’s often easy to pick out the keywords, as they are placed in rather obvious spots.  Work from these countries may also contain multiple spelling or grammar errors.  The question to ask yourself is, “Would I buy from a site that chooses to represent itself this way?”  A few people might, but most won’t.

The True Value of Great Content

The true value of great content is literally never-ending.  If you do it well the first time, visitors will return to your site time and again in the future.  If you invest a few hundred dollars up-front by hiring an SEO firm or freelance writer to write for your site, the benefits you will see are tremendous.  Your site will have a lower bounce rate (the amount of traffic that comes once and leaves right away), more new visitors will come to your site, and you’ll make more sales.  In the online world, there’s nothing better!

The Bottom Line Regarding SEO in Frankfort and Internet Marketing in Frankfort

The bottom line regarding SEO in Frankfort is that great content is essential to the healthy functioning of any online business.  Sure, you can always pay less, but keep in mind how the quality of that content will affect your visitors.  At Devenia, we have skilled writers who can write quality and engaging content for your site.  Interested? Contact Devenia Today!


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