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We are humbled and honored that you would take the time to stop by the home page of Devenia, a firm performing search engine optimization in Providence and internet marketing in Providence and serving customers from around the globe.  Today, we’d like to help you understand great content and its role in the search engine optimization process.

What is “Great Content?”

Companies performing search engine optimization in Providence and internet marketing in Providence debate intensely about what exactly “great content” is.  The truth is that ultimately, the marketplace determines what great content is.  You might think that you have just written the greatest piece ever, but if no one reads it, then it’s not great.  But, there are some characteristics which enhance the chances of an article being great.  Here are a few:

  1. The article covers a current hot topic
  2. The article takes a unique perspective on a current topic
  3. The piece is written in a way that is interesting to your targeted audience
  4. The piece answers questions or problems your targeted audience might have
  5. The piece contains no grammar or spelling errors, and no items that may be considered errors by some readers

Why Does My Site Need Great Content, and not the Cheapest Content?

On the internet, you can pay anywhere from $1-$200 for an article.  Expert sales letter writers earn a commission, perhaps running into the millions of dollars, for writing a high-converting sales letter.  With all these various factors, what should factor into your decision-making process when considering who to hire to write your content?

  • Value.  Value is by far the most important.  Investigate a few freelance writers and ask them questions about their process.  If they can answer your questions satisfactorily and can justify their rates, then you’ve found a great writer!
  • Price.  See how much the writer costs and examine what your needs are.  If you want “filler” content that contains spelling and grammar errors (which are now being frowned upon by Google), you should pay $10 or less per article.  You’ll pretty much be getting just words on a page, which is fine if price is your concern, but consider the impact this may have on your visitors.  Will they want to return to a spammy-sounding and keyword-stuffed website?  Probably not.  Will it encourage them to buy?  No way.  Will it gain their trust?  Fat chance.  Will it appeal to Google?  A little…for now.  Be aware of the benefits of great content and be willing to pay a fair price for it.

The Final Word Regarding SEO in Providence and Great Content

The bottom line regarding search engine optimization in Providence and internet marketing in Providence is that great content will help your site stand out from all the rest.  At Devenia, we are happy to help you write great content that keeps your visitors coming back time and again.  With the assistance of our services, your firm will stand out from the crowd.  If you’re interested, Contact Devenia Today!

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