What are Some of the Top Myths of SEO in Pennsylvania?


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Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to stop by the home page of Devenia, a firm providing services for search engine optimization in Pennsylvania and internet marketing in Pennsylvania.  Most people are pretty familiar with the fact that SEO is the methodology used to help your site rank higher in Google so that your site can receive more traffic and sales.  However, many myths and tons of hype about SEO exist.  Today, we’d like to help dispel some of those myths and help you understand what is more realistic.

Top SEO Myths

    1. A guaranteed #1 ranking in Google.

Many companies performing SEO in Pennsylvania say they can help you to rank number one on Google, however, this is just not possible to guarantee.  Factors such as the competition of your keyword, effectiveness of your SEO strategy, and changes that Google makes in its algorithm can all affect your sites ranking.  Companies can realistically help you rank highly (the first page, or maybe even the top 5) for most terms, but guaranteeing the top ranking is unrealistic.

  1. Search engine optimization is a short-term project.  Any company can spend a few months and help your site rank higher as it performs search engine optimization in Pennsylvania and internet marketing in Pennsylvania, however, Google’s algorithm is changing on a regular basis.  This could lower your rank, so ongoing services may be required to maintain your rank.  They may not need to be as intense, but their use is necessary.
  2. SEO is all about getting back links.  At Devenia, we believe getting back links is the heart and core of search engine optimization in Pennsyvlania.  However, the true way we look at it is that having the right back links is the key.  Back links from the wrong sites can actually hurt your Google ranking.  Additionally, it takes fewer back links from the right web sites to boost your rankings.
  3. There is only one aspect of SEO.  Back links are a large part of the SEO process, but performing an effective SEO strategy means focusing on a variety of different factors, including optimizing your site’s load time, helping it to rank for the most relevant keywords, using engaging content, and using social media, among many other factors.
  4. The more you pay, the more you get.  You can pay as much as you’d like for SEO in Pennsylvania and internet marketing in Pennsylvania, but be sure that you are getting results in terms of more traffic, more sales, and increased search engine rankings.  It is possible to pay thousands of dollars for the exact same services that you can get somewhere else for hundreds.  At Devenia, we only charge you when you see actual results in your search engine rankings.

The Final Word Regarding Search Engine Optimization in Pennsylvania and Internet Marketing in Pennsylvania

When performing a strategy for SEO in Pennsylvania, you’ll want to be sure to have the assistance of a firm that answers your questions honestly and directly.  At Devenia, if we believe we can’t meet your expectations, we’ll tell you so, and we’ll be happy to suggest goals that are more realistic.  If you’d like to begin one of the smoothest relationships you’ve ever experienced,  Contact Devenia Today!

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