SEO and Internet Marketing in Norway

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Devenia can help you with Search Engine Optimization, also called SEO and internet marketing in Norway.  With years of experience in the Norwegian market, we have positioned ourselves to be a leader in internet marketing in Norway and towards Norwegians. Also, it’s an advantage for you knowing that our CEO and founder of Devenia is a native Norwegian from Norway. This also means our knowledge and experience in Norway is extensive.

What We Know about SEO in Norway

We are aware that the entire region of Scandinavia maintains one of the highest standards of living in the world.  Within Scandinavia, Norway maintains the highest income per capita; while its population is low, the high standard of living makes Search Engine Optimization or SEO in Norway an attractive proposition.

Technological Details of SEO in Norway

As with the rest of the world, Google dominates the search engine traffic market share, at approximately 95%.  Internet marketing in Norway will be largely dependent upon one’s ability to maintain effective Google rankings.  Interestingly, Kvasir takes second place, with a market share of 3.3%, beating out mainstays Bing and Yahoo by a slim margin.  While there are other competitors to Google – like, it is pretty safe to say that there is no strong competitor for Search Engine Optimization in Norway.  Interestingly, in Norway, people seem to modernize at a rate slightly faster than the rest of the world.  Windows 7 is already the most popular OS, with a 45.25% share in Norway, while it maintains second place, with a 27.68% market share versus Windows XP (42.58% market share), based on a worldwide comparison.  With this in mind, we are aware that it is especially important to keep current on Search Engine Optimization in Norway and internet marketing in Norway.

What We Have Learned About Internet Marketing in Norway

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Among the major social media outlets, Facebook is, of course the current champion.  maintaining a 57.88% market share versus comparison social media outlets StumbleUpon (26.47%), YouTube (6.9%), Reddit (3.87%), Twitter (3.57%), and LinkedIn (.31%).  Companies interested in internet marketing in Norway and SEO in Norway should figure this into their SEO strategies.  Referral traffic to social media websites Digg and Reddit, skews largely in favor of Reddit.  On a worldwide basis, Reddit maintains a 86.99% market share of referral traffic, compared to just 13.01% for Digg.  We see the same trend in Norway, although it is more extreme.  In Norway, Reddit maintains a 93.83% market share of referral traffic, compared to just 6.17% for Digg.  In regard to these smaller social media outlets, it is clear that a business focusing on Search Engine Optimization in Norway should focus its efforts on Reddit.

A Final Interesting Detail about Search Engine Optimization in Norway

Finally, as some of our staff is residing in Egypt, we learned that SEO in Norway has a seemingly small, yet significant, difference from SEO in the Middle East.  Users in Norway tend to engage in single word or short phrase searches, usually no more than 5 words at a time.  Users in Egypt, however, will Google a question such as, “I have a pain in my right arm, what is wrong with it?”  This trend has clear implications for Search Engine Optimization in Norway, and Devenia factors this observation into its SEO strategy.

The Bottom Line about SEO in Norway

The bottom line about SEO in Norway is that Devenia has a wide variety of research and experience from which to draw, and this is what separates us from the competition.  If you are looking for the leader in search engine optimization in Norway, look no further!

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